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4 years ago

Please understand that this is me and I enjoy what I do. Juggling my professional life, toy seller life and blog life can get kinda rough if you think about it.  There have been times where I can’t place into words the wonderful things that are going on because I’m tied up.

See what happened was…

He had his toys picked out and paid for.  I placed them in a plastic laundry bag from the room closet.

“My room right!”

We left my room and went to his. He wasted no time in pulling the blanket off the bed and kicking off his shoes. In a casual motion he unfasten the button on his pants and slowly but sexy unzipped them. My eyes watched, waiting for some sign, some form of realization that this trip into a stranger’s room would be worth it.

“OOOHHH!” that particular bit of a word trickled out of my gapping mouth.  “It’s ssssoooo big!”

Yes it was big. It was and still is the biggest (width), thickest (height) and longest (length) member that I’ve had in my many years. I can say that it was “Pretty”.

What? You’ve never taken the time to take a good look at one? You’ve never admire the shape, color and texture of that happy member which greets you? Smh

He pulled his shirt over his head letting the rippled muscles in his chest and arms make my knees weak. With all being said he was built better than any man I’ve ever seen. He laid the blanket on the floor and placed his naked body upon it.  Face up, he placed his hand under his head. I was ready to rip off my own panties and ride him on into the sunrise.

“Walk on me.” His voice low and heavy gave out the order.

 I couldn’t understand what part of this would give me great satisfaction.  I want him to hold me, kiss me or at least feel me up.

“Walk on me!” his voice now stronger and more commanding gave cause for me to obey. I walked over towards him, took a deep breath and took off my shoes.

“NO!” he shouted. I gave a small jump back. “I want you to walk on me with your shoes on.” His arms stretched out taking hold of the desk chair. “Use this for balance.”

I placed back on my shoes to see the smile come to his face. My hand was on the back of the chair and my right foot was on the center of his chest.

“Oh!” now his voice was pleasant. The more weight I placed on that foot, the lower his man of pleasure became.

My ankles felt weak as I placed my entire weigh on that foot.  “Maybe I should have worn shorter heels.” I thought as I felt the other foot penetrate the muscles on his stomach.

“Yes like that!” he said. I held firmly on the back of the chair as I walked, placing all my weight upon my feet, from his chest to his lower parts.  I make it a point to have the tip of the shoe roll upon the pubic hairs, coming close to his engorged member. On the balls of my feet I turned around.

“Stay there! Stay there!” his voice quickly raised only to slowly calm down.

I did as I was told. I was up on my toes trying to keep my balance and having my foot shake for fear of placing the heel down on his swollen member.  I could understand why some women could and do S and M. It’s a feeling of power and that was the thrill he was giving me.

“Do you like it?” I asked as I dug me heels into a muscle in his six pack.

“Yes!” he panted.

“NO!” I shouted “Yes Me.”

“Yes. Me.” He looked me in the eye and I knew then what he wanted.  I removed my foot from his hair and placed the heel deep into the muscle in his chest then his arm and finally his hand.  Seeing him gain so much pleasure I did the same to the other hand.  His time I let the fullness of my weight rest on the heels of my feet.

The next thing I knew I was being raised high in the air to the point I bent over at the hip to place my hands on his strong shoulders. 

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