VOICE ACTIVATED BUNNY VIBRATOR.....Sex Toys That Listen When You Speak!

7 years ago

Since its introduction to the masses by way of Sex in the City, the Rabbit Vibrator, with that oh-so-delightful-clit-vibe, has quickly evolved into a ‘must have’ nightstand item, secretly nestled among the romance novels, reading glasses, tissue, assorted batteries and other sundries we keep handy.  Its popularity exploded after its prime-time debut to the point that I could almost hear a faint buzz coming from each neighbor’s home while I walked my dog.

Overnight, 100’s of variations of this popular adult sex toy were born, each one featuring a new function, speed, control or design.  (Personally, I’ve always wanted a rabbit vibe that talks dirty to me, preferably in Matthew McConaughey’s voice, but that’s just me.)  Just when I thought every variation of the rabbit vibrator had been made, and enjoyed by women the world over, Lady Calston released their new Voice Activated Bunny Vibrator. 


Apparently this high tech sex toy is computerized and fully programmable to respond to your voice commands…”faster”, “slower”, “harder”, “Oh gawd!”…well, you get the idea.   I won’t get into all the possibilities I came up with but I do admit I had some questions, like…


How does it hear my voice?’ Does it have ‘ears’ other than those lovely clit ticklers that make women squirm uncontrollably? Will it hear me any better than my husband does when it’s squeezed between my thighs? Can it recognize my voice even when I’m in the throws of a climax?  Is there a long pause before it responds to my commands…like when I ask my husband for a massage…or is this adult sex toy truly a slave to my desire?


Seriously though, this innovative new sex toy utilizes the same reliable voice command applications already being used in computers and technical devices everywhere. As a result, the Voice Activated Bunny Vibrator removes the ‘negatives’ from the whole sex toy experience.  Gone is the hassle of trying to push tiny control buttons with slippery fingers in the dark. No more fumbling around to adjust the speed at just the right moment.  And finally, no more malfunctions that sometimes cause intense vibrations on body parts that are already overly sensitive…if you get my meaning.


You are in total control and you make all the calls!  Once programmed to your voice, this lovely rabbit vibe will deliver any combination of its 9 unique functions, each designed to stimulate and massage your most intimate areas. The most loved feature of any rabbit vibrator, the vibrating bunny ears, adjusts to softly tease or intensely tickle your clit, making your playtime explosive!


Without a doubt, this new Voice Activated Bunny Vibrator promises a unique and satisfying sex toy experience.  For couples who enjoy playing with adult toys, let your husband or boyfriend program it to his voice commands so he can tease and titillate.  With a little imagination…and plenty of batteries…the possibilities are endless!


You can get the innovative Voice Activated Bunny Vibrator, or her cousin The Hunk, at BMuffs Sex Toy Boutique where you’ll also find many other tempting items designed solely for our pleasure!





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