A Valentine's Day Scrooge Post

5 years ago
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Warning: Valentine scrooge alert.


The love-y-ist, dove-y-ist, gushiest holiday of the year.
Yes, it's a day that you can feel 'love in the air'.
But, it seems like every year it gets more mushy gushy... and I don't like that.

Here's why: 

Ummm, okay? To those 53%, REALLY? What is true love to you? Is it really that important to receive a material item, that will probably wilt in a few weeks, to keep your relationship alive?

Don't get me wrong, I love getting gifts or flowers or chocolate! (Especially chocolate.) Everyone does. But sometimes I think Valentine's Day is waaaaaay too commercialized.

And to end a relationship based on the fact of not receiving a gift on a commercialized holiday? To me that is just ridiculous.

Sure I want my husband to acknowledge that it's Valentine's Day. Do I expect big, nice gifts? No.

Valentine's Day and Social Media
Take a look at your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram today. I bet your homepages will be filled with 50% or more of pictures of what your friends have received for Valentine's Day. Or maybe you will even be posting pictures of your gifts?

Let me ask you this. If Valentine's Day is a special day for couples to show their love to each other, WHY is it necessary to share your love with the whole world?

Think about when your husband writes an intimate, heart-felt message to you in a card he got you for Valentine's Day. You take a picture of what he wrote on the inside of the card and upload it to Facebook with the caption, "My husband is the best. I love him so much with all of my heart!".

Honestly, I would be hurt if I wrote a special message to my husband and he put it online. It was to him. From me. Two people. Nothing more. It's special. And when the picture does get uploaded with that caption about how much you love your husband, wouldn't you just tell him in person? Why do other people need to know that you love your husband?

It's seriously like a competition. Which is why all the big retail stores are loving this holiday. Because now days it's not about love. It's about who got the bigger, better present, and who's boyfriend spent more on their gift.

Money on Valentine's Day
Here's another statistic for you.

40% of men and 27% of women would max our their credit card to buy a Valentine gift for their significant other.


If we did have credit cards, I would never even imagine doing this. I do believe in sometimes splurging a bit on a nice, special gift that your partner will enjoy. But for Valentine's Day? I see spending a lot of money on a birthday, or anniversary.

I also read that 83% of couples say they feel pressured to spend over $100 on a gift on Valentine's Day.

That's where the commercial part comes in play again. It's a society thing. It has to be an extravagant, popular, costly gift. 

Valentine's Day To Me
So these are just my personal opinions on this holiday. To me, Valentine's Day is kind of like St. Patricks Day. It's there, but we don't go all out. Sure the girls and I put up some decorations or have fun with it, but it's not a serious thing for us.

We do get the girls little Valentine's Gifts. Because for children I think Valentine's Day is a cute holiday to have fun with. Charlie has gone all out this year with making old school Valentines. The kind where you fold the paper in half and cut out the heart, then decorate. It's fun. :)

We do eat nicely on Valentine's Day. We all enjoy great food. Whether it's going out or just dining in at home, that's the main thing we do on this holiday. Other than that it's just another day.

I do think couples should show their love for each other every day of the year. Valentine's Day is a romantic holiday, but not the only day to express your love.

For example, it melts my heart more when Sam knows just exactly how I like my coffee and brings me a cup every Saturday morning, than if I would get roses on Valentine's Day. Or, if he knows I'm having a bad day and he brings me home a Dr. Pepper and a jumbo size Tootsie-Roll, rather than a box of chocolates. Because he knows those things are my favorite, and they make me happy. Or most of all? If he would come home and let me take a nice long bubble bath while he plays with the girls and cleans. Which would be free of value, yet would mean the most to me, because I would feel love and care from him.  I feel like these are more personal, meaning options. And that's what I do like.

Sorry for the Valentine's Day scrooge bomb. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

See more statistics about Valentine's Day here.

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