The Truth

4 years ago

Interesting word.  Means about 15 million things....when you really think about it.  It's tricky.

Truth as in the god's honest TRUTH.
Truth as in full straight on HONESTY.
Truth as in your personal driving force.  Your BELIEFS.


Truth can be change it to make your 'version' of your truth.  To make it all ok.  To make it all seem like it was a good idea.  To make you feel better.

But?  The truth is ugly sometimes.  The truth is a smack to your face.  The truth is mean.  The truth needs a Snickers.......she's hungry and crabby.

But then?  The truth is a relaxing exhale.  The truth was hidden but makes sense.  The truth should have been more important than the manufactured version of the truth.

And?  You find YOUR truth.  What is RIGHT.  What is TRUE.  Your "true north".  What is your driving honest no-crapper truth.  What your heart AND head believes at the same time.  What the TRUTH is.

Whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help you GOD.

Then and only you rest.  It may just last for a few minutes at first.  Then back to the frantic ideas of finding all the answers.  Or trying to reason.  Or wondering what the hell happened.

Then?  The minutes get longer.  The truth gets a thicker thread.  You can pull on YOUR truth.  Feel YOUR truth.

Your.  Own.  Truth.

And?  It's ok.  And tomorrow, that truth gets a little more water and love, and it grows.

My truth took root this past's just a tiny sprout.  But, as God is my witness, it will be a mighty oak.  That my kids can swing on and feel safe with.  That I can look at and be proud.  That I fought for and learned about myself, through this crazy year of my life.

My truth.  Not someone else's.  Mine.

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