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5 years ago

Would you like some “tricks with your treats or treats with your tricks?”October 2012 is going to be one more totally outrageous month of change!The first and last week of October will bring a change of focus for everyone, so don’t get too comfortable just yet.There are 7 sign changes in October; Venus into Virgo (10/3) works to get the details of relationships in order, Mercury AND Saturn into Scorpio (10/5 – circle this date) so please “say what you mean and mean what you say,Mars into Sagittarius (10/7) is prepared to boldly go to parts unknown, the Sun into Scorpio (10/23) shines a “light in the dark,” Venus into Libra (10/28) says “I do” and Mercury into Sagittarius(10/29) has a “Divine Message.”Oh, and of course Jupiter goes Rx on October 4th so here come those "blessings in disguise."If you’ve been asking for change, hold on, because here it comes.Make no assumptions because the picture you see the first week of the month is sure to change by the last week of the month!Expect reckonings, redemption and awakenings, but forward movement occurs, big leaps as a matter of fact! Read your Rising sign, then Sun, then Moon sign for a look at what to expect in October! Enjoy!

Aries Sun/Moon/Rising – You’re restless, ready and rarin’ to rock!As of the 7th, my advice is GO!It’s time to expand your horizons and if travel isn’t an option, then may I suggest the final frontier of your “inner space?”Explore and you might be surprised.Please be aware of the power of your words on others as well.You think you’re being cool, others might disagree, and if you can’t say something nice, zip the lips Aries!Wield that sword wisely this month.Love & romance are on “fire” the 9th – 11th!You’re smokin’ hot!

Taurus Sun/Moon/Rising – There’s good news and there are opportunities for growth.Your point of view will determine your experience as of the 5th when Saturn, the Lord of Karma enters your opposite sign of Scorpio.Whatever is working well keep going in that direction, if it’s not working, change direction and yes, there will be a “pop quiz” to see if you’re paying attention on the 25th.This will be an interesting month for you because you’re going to make an amazing discovery; the one thing you thought you couldn’t stand could just end up being music to your ears, AHA!Love & romance is highly erotic for you the 12th -14th, yum-yum!

Gemini Sun/Moon/Rising – The “mind” can be a danger zone for you this month as you traverse yin/yang, light/dark, left/right, good/bad, you get the picture.Focus on head AND heart and keeping them connected this month, that’s important.Yes, there’s more than one point of view, but until YOU decide what is important to you change will be illusive.Work is good, stay away from the carbs, clean out the fridge and closets to make space for something new.There’s a blessing in disguise for you on the 4th!Sexual tension is alive and well in your life, oh what fun, if you allow it.Love & romance vibrates the 14th – 16th, can we say “tantra?

Cancer Sun/Moon/Rising – It’s time for you to plug into the Cosmos Cancer!You have a dream, an idea or an inspiration and Saturn’s arrival in Scorpio means it’s time to get to work, because you will be rewarded over the long haul.Get creative too!Try, try, try not to take anything personally remember, people project their “stuff”onto the unsuspecting souls.If you shut down your emotions or play hide and seek, then you will chance missing a great opportunity.Rise to the occasion and you will be surprised!Love & romance is sultry, smoldering and sensual, a 5-Star climax the 16th – 18th, hubba-hubba!

Leo Sun/Moon/Rising – Who is smarter Leo, “me, myself or I?”In your case it’s “all of the above” if you will listen to your intuition and turn down the heat on the burner that’s “over-thinking the situation.”There’s a BIG shift due in your world this month so be patient with yourself and others.I know you’re a Leo and it’s easier said than done, but TRY!Otherwise your insecurities will get the better of you and you will something truly gratifying.The negative side of Leo is jealousy, keep the lid on it, understand?Be happy for others.Love & romance is going to sizzle and sparkle the 18th –20th but don’t be in such a hurry because you’re going to learn something valuable about yourself, surprise!

Virgo Sun/Moon/Rising – Lucky Virgo, Venus entry into your gentle sign is going to grace you with magical powers of persuasion and prowess this month, if you can overcome your natural shyness.If you want “love” then you can have it, but not if you’re helping everyone but yourself.Draw a line in the sand Virgoand be good to Self, you’ll be glad you did.Don’t bite off more than you chew, especially mid-month.There’s a mystery you are finally going to solve this month, follow the thread of that “little voice” that keeps nagging you for attention, you’ll be glad!Love & romance is intense, deep, mysterious the 20th– 23rd.Go for it!

Libra Sun/Moon/Rising – Let’s face it, the last couple of years have been challenging and tiring, but that all changes this week when Saturn moves into Scorpio.Your confidence has been shaken over the summer as well.You can’t make anyone happy that doesn’t want to be happy themselves, so why do you keep on trying to please others.The question this month is “what makes me happy?”You’ve learned a great deal about yourself, but the biggest lesson learned is that “I don’t have to participate in ANYTHING that doesn’t make me happy!”That’s right you are in charge of your life Libra!Love & romance is ALIVE & WELL the 22nd – 24th.And kinkyis good!

Scorpio Sun/Moon/Rising – Is it “tricks or treats?”Well that is entirely up to you Scorpio!You’ve been walking a fine line for a while now and it’s decision time.Get organized, prioritize and put forth consistent effort.The things/people that leave your life this month have served their purpose, so let go gracefully please.This is the beginning of a brand new phase in your life, but as the old saying goes “if you keep looking at the door that just closed, you’ll never see the window that’s open to you.”Don’t plot against anyone and no, no one is plotting against you, it’s the devil you want to get off your back.Now just focus please.Love & romance brings a brand new relationship direction on the 24th 27th, pillow talk reveals the direction, can we say “super-sexy?

Sagittarius Sun/Moon/Rising – Whoa Cowboy, I know you want to let those “horses” run, but it’s important this month to think before you act, otherwise you are going to attract the kind of attention you don’t like nor have time for, yep, conflict!What you see outside of you is but a mirror for what’s inside of you.You’re such a linear thinker Sag, but sometimes the quickest path to a goal is to take the scenic route.Not your preferred choice, but this month, you have to pick up some pieces from the past and see what’s been in front of you all this time.It’s that “thing” you’ve been searching for, see?You are destined to meet a stranger this month that if you will take the time to hear what they have to say, you will gain great wisdom and an answer to a prayer!Pay attention.Love & romance the 27th – 29th is unexpected, out of the blue, incredibly hot, wild and nasty, you love it!

Capricorn Sun/Moon/Rising – Your emotions run deep.They run deeper than anyone realizes because it takes you so long to express them. There is something you’ve been working toward all year and you are about to give up, DON’T, just a little further and you will see things change for good in about a month.Hold on!You can make a few final adjustments that will guide your own “big picture” in the direction you want.There is no shame is asking for help Cappy, trust me.Ask if you need help and you might just discover that others care more than you realize.People see you as the “ultimate boy/girl scout,” always prepared, but they need to see your human side too.Love & romance the 29th – 31st means you get the treats without any tricks and you get to celebrate the real thing if you will allow your heart to take the BIG LEAP!

Aquarius Sun/Moon/Rising – Love is in the air for you my Aquarius friend!Saturn’smove into Scorpio is asking you to think back to 2005-2007, do you remember what you learned back then?Romance isn’t really your thing, but this month it’s on your mind thanks to Jupiter.Relationships that are not going anywhere are going to fall away, and there is one relationship that gets jump-started but not before you decide “what do I really want and what really makes me happy?”Anything is possible, including Soul 2 Soul, if you want to get down to brass tacks, besides you’re the Original Idealist, and magic happens this month for you!Be confident and tell the person you care about how you feel, yes I said “FEEL!”Big gulp!

Pisces Sun/Moon/Rising – You are the rescuer of the Zodiac, you open your arms to 2 and 4 legged mammals alike, because you care so much.But my goodness, can one person save the world?Probably not this month, so it’s time to draw a line in the sand and if the same people are still complaining about the same thing, “JUST SAY NO MORE!”Eventually they will figure it out!Most of the things you expect to be difficult will be easier than you think and the things you think are going to be easy-breezy will suffer from the “unexpected side of life.”Don’t get bent out of shape about it.In the love & romance department there’s only one question for you this month, “am I ready to commit?”Only you can answer that question and if you’re scared then ask yourself “why am I afraid to take this chance?”Yes, face your own fears and you won’t be a fish out of water anymore!This is a TREAT Pisces!

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all!”~Helen Keller

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Blessings to you from the Practical Astrologer!


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