Treadmill for Two

5 years ago
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I’ve never been one of those people obsessed with fitness.

I live by the “see my ribs” diet - so long as I can look in the mirror and still count my ribs I figure I’m slim enough.

As soon as I heard that 80% of weight loss was related to nutrition, I thought I’d forego sweating in public and stick to eating relatively healthy. When I feel bad about my lack of abs I just picspam images of JLO and Kim Kardashian in bikini’s until I feel better.


That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all of you who make going to the gym a part of your routine. I appreciate you…from a far.

The interesting thing about my girlfriends who have gym memberships is that when asked if they enjoy going to the gym, they always give the same response: “Yeah I guess. Oh! I saw this really hot guy at the gym yesterday…”

 This understandable distraction to their fitness goal of getting down to their summertime weight has lead to my latest brain child – “Fit Love: The Dating Site for Fitness Lovers.”

  I’ve always thought that more people should meet at the gym. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out with a guy and when asked what his interests are his response has been, “I work out everyday and run until my knees give out but you know, I love dogs too.”  After he’s fully outlined his Paleo diet to me, I’ve often wondered how on earth these guys haven’t found a woman whose interests also include running even though nobody’s chasing them. I find discussing how much one loves the gym off-putting, because as soon as I can see some sort of muscle definition through your shirt I’m already ruling out getting naked with you. I wouldn’t even know what to do with a guy with a six pack. I’d probably try to play each ab like a xylophone or make a joke about how Canadian pioneers could have washed clothes on his stomach.

 So this is what I propose:

 If you love fitness and want to meet someone with similar interests, sign up for my faux online dating website Fit Love!

Once a month local gyms can hold Singles Nights where you can sign up, come to the gym in your cutest little overpriced outfit and instead of ogling each other from a far, you can choose a work out buddy and get to know each other while you lift kettle bells.

 The online element will be like a or eHarmony – “You’ve been matched with Jenna, see her profile AND track her weight loss.”  

 In all seriousness, why wouldn’t people who share common interests want to meet at a safe, public place they enjoy going to? It might even give people who already know each other the nudge to talk to each other under the shroud of Singles Night.

Guy: Hey, I’m Brad

Girl: I know, I’ve seen you here before.

Guy: I’ve seen you too. You’re form on the clean and press has really improved.

Girl: Aw, that’s so sweet.

 Are there any objections to fitness bringing people together?

 “But Elizabeth, I don’t go to the gym to meet people, I go to the gym to de-stress and have ‘me’ time.”

 Well, you selfish f*ck, for one night you can give up the treadmill in the middle of the row so that two potential love birds can walk on inclines together and swap stories about how they really enjoy Thai food and don’t ever want to be divorced.

 “How will I know who’s single and who’s not? Will the gym be closed for everyone else?”

 No the gym will not be closed for everyone else. I’m not your mother or your therapist. If you’re married and you’re approached by a girl wearing a Fit Love complimentary t-shirt, it’s your call whether or not you make a move (but please don’t do it because I don’t want Fit Love to get an Ashley Madison type reputation!)

 “What if he’s not interested and it becomes awkward if we ever see each other at the gym again?”

 Don’t worry, sweets. Put him in front of a mirror and he won’t be paying attention to anyone else.

 Isn’t this a genius idea?

 *I’m declaring this idea my own. So if any of you people take it, and make money off it, I’ll sue your fit buns of steel for all you’re worth.

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