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Did you read the book? It is great! It gives a lot of explanations and examples of how to do selfies.  It is a good thing to try new moves on yourself so you can get a better understanding of how your body works.  You know- what turns you on and what turns you off.  Then again things change once you get someone to help you explore and one that doesn’t’ mine being explored.

See what happened was…

We talked for over an hour which gave me body a chance to regain feeling in the major parts like hands, feet and mind. He told me he was in town to give a demonstration of how some type of new medication he had perfected would be good for male pattern baldness. If he could get a major backer or two he would be set.

Another hour past as he talked about his ex-girl friend that he left behind in Texas once he found out she was seeing another woman and she wouldn’t let him in on their weekly threesome.

“Oh but she’ll let Bob from Marketing in!”

“You know if you bring a toy into the bedroom she may let you play. She could be thinking that type of sex is not your cup of tea.” I took a sip of the black coffee to steady myself.  I could tell by now that we weren’t going back to anyone’s room. The man was still in love with his girlfriend.

The look of interest swiped across his face. He became even happier when I told him that I had a few toys upstairs for sale and that he could try a few move out on me for the next time he finds a girlfriend who wants to pitch for both teams. What else could I do, I need to get my rocks off and if I could sell a few toys, then all is good.

He bought a large bottle of brown liquor from the bartender, a couple of glasses filled with ice, and we were on our way upstairs in the elevator. We stopped by my room to pick up the toys after he left the ATM. I laid each product out on the bed so he could look at and pick what he wanted to try.  

“What does this on do?” he asked as he placed one of his hands down his pants to readjust his member. I grabbed the bag of batteries I had sitting on the table and popped it in.  With a push of a few buttons, the lights, rotating pearl beads and the vibrating little animal brought a look of surprise to his face. He walked over to the other side of the room and sat down.

“Man! I can work with that!”

For a moment there he caught me off guard.

“What did he mean, ‘I can work with that’?”

“Man! When I pull this bad boy out of the bag those two will go crazy.” He pushed the buttons and a sense of wonderment came to his face. “I’m gonna do them over and over again.”

A big sigh of relieve came to me, I thought he may have wanted me to use such a large dildo on him. It’s not that I couldn’t if my freak flag was flying high, like on the moon, but I don’t think now is the time to try. I’m just not into male anal right now.

“Well take a good look at the other stuff.  Maybe you’ll find something you will like that they canuse on you.”

He arose from the chair and began shuffling through the toys on the bed.

“Man! I always wanted to try this?”

It really didn’t surprise me when he reached for the feather whip and the furry handcuffs.  He looked at the bed post. It was as if he was doing a mental measurement to see if the handcuffs could fit the pole on the four post bed.

“What have I gotten myself into now?” I thought.  First the anal scare and now the whip and handcuffs, what else can I expect out of this guy. This was a large push on my freakiness. I’ve been handcuffed yes, but not with a stranger.  The feather whip thing… I’ll explain later. (Great time Carlos, call me when you are back in town)

“She never wants to use these.” He said happily like a man opening his Christmas presents to find the one thing he always wanted from childhood.

“Let’s go back to my room so you can hook me up to the bed.” He said.

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