Tips for Attending Your High School Reunion, or OMG! Its been 30 years!

4 years ago

Ariana is Still Growing


1. If you didn't have that many friends in high school to begin with, don't get there early.  
I'm rarely what you'd call, um, prompt...but not that night, no. Got there just as it started and had plenty of time to stare at other people's name tags.

2. Do not greet people by staring at their name tag and saying "Yeah, I don't remember you either"
Perfectly nice people would come up to me, read my name, look at my face, read my name again...The exact same thing I was doing to them. At a certain point, this just seemed like a good way to end the deadlock

3. Sitting alone at a table, texting your husband and ignoring the party will probably prove you haven't changed much since high school.

If the swypo auto-correct doesn't prove this is real, I don't know what would

4. Okay, so the $110 ticket did NOT include drinks. Suck it up and buy yourself drinks. That's plural...drinks.
This is not the time to cheap out.

5. Finding someone, anyone else to talk to will provide some needed relief to the 2 people you do remember and have been clinging to since they arrived.
When my friend Tim, whom I hadn't seen since graduation arrived, I clung to him like a baby rhesus monkey. I'm standing with him in every single picture taken of me that night. Poor guy. Well, he's got 10 more years to get over the assault.

I had never intended on attending my 30 year high school reunion, but as it coincided with the trip to see my sister, it just seemed like the stars aligned. I couldn't help but focus on this one fear though, that people would come up and remember me, but I wouldn't remember them. Well...imagine my relief when that didn't come true.

I really am glad I went, I suppose my mood would have been better had I not been dealing with the issues surrounding my sister. (about that here: Reuniting with my sister-reunion #1 ). At the reunion, and in the days before and after, I got to see some pretty great people, got to reconnect, and be pretty darned impressed with the quality of people I hung out with in high school, they are still some of the best people I know. 

Poor Tim

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