Those Who Shovel Together Stay Together

8 years ago

I'm not particularly fond of shoveling (mind you, I'm only 5-feet
tall myself), but my husband and I have come to an understanding about
living in the snow belt...Unless you keep up with shoveling the
driveway, my car's not going to be able to make it up the long stretch.

In fact, Id say that my husband and I make a pretty good shoveling
team. You see, we've got a "shoveling system," if you will. I head to
the top of the driveway, near the garage and start working, while he
starts at the bottom of the drive. (We live on a busy street, and the
plow trucks always plow us in at the bottom of the driveway.
It's so inefficient really, but I digress). So I start at the top, he
starts at the bottom, and you guessed it, we meet in the middle. Makes
sense, right?

Things went a little different on this particularly snowy weekend in
Cleveland. My husband and I met in the middle of the driveway (as
normal), and we started walking back up toward the garage to put away
our shovels. I paused for a moment as we were passing my car, which we
purposely left parked in the driveway to help cut down on the shoveling
time. (Long story short, our driveway is hella long, and our neighbors
upstairs seem to be incapable of operating a shovel, so the less work
there is for us, the better.)

"Ya know," I said to my husband as I looked at the mound of snow
that had piled up on top of my car. "We should probably dust this snow
off the car."

"You're right," my husband agreed, as he placed his shovel in the
garage. "How about I brush off the car with that broom, and you shovel
the snow that falls off."

I shrugged my shoulders. "Deal."

My husband strategically used the broom to push the snow off of my
car, while I hung back and shoveled whatever came off of it. We got
into a pretty good "teamwork" groove as we worked on the driver's side.
I quickly ran around the back of the car and put my shovel on the
ground, waiting for my husband to push some of the remaining snow off
the car. I stood there for a bit and didn't see any snow fall, so I
poked my head up just in time for a massive mound of cold wetness to
land right in my face.

I blinked away the snow, and jumped up so I could momentarily peer
over the car. My husband was standing on the opposite side of the car,
holding the broom sheepishly.

"Sorry," he said, flinching a bit. "I didn't see you. You're a lot shorter than the car."

Maybe it was the fact that my husband looked genuinely scared in
that moment, or maybe it was the fact that I was covered in snow from
head to toe, and I realized that I must have looked ridiculous.
Whatever the reason, I saw my husband's "Oh crap, she's gonna kill me
face," and I just started cracking up.

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