Thankful for getting old

9 years ago
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American Thanksgiving is kind of a special day for me too - it's the day that my husband formally proposed, 15 (!) years ago. Of course when I sat down and figured out that it was 15 years I started to feel a little - well - maybe not old, but certainly not young.

It was in this mood that I came to the More (Canada) art/edit meeting today; we go over the stories for the magazine, and I, the intrepid web editor, try to figure out what I will do on the web to go along with them. (Okay, it's more complicated than that. But not really.)

I find the group intimidating because they're powerful smart women, who also pretty much all happen to be gorgeous. But I took a third slice of pizza (we don't always get lunch! but today we did) anyway. And it occured to me that I wouldn't have done that in my 20s. But I'm comfortable now with my "baby" weight (my son is 3) and I wanted another piece of pizza. 

There are a lot of things I feel better about now that I'm reaching 40. I really do feel like my 20s were about trying to find somewhere to fit in, and my early 30s were about fitting in. But now it's like it's all about me again. I'm glad for this process.

And yes - I'd marry the guy all over again.