10 Awesome Winter Date Ideas

4 years ago
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The winter season is here and the cold weather is keeping us indoors, but that shouldn't stop you from having date night! Unfortunately we can’t utilize the outdoors as much as we would like to, so here at T2B we have conjured up a list of creative and romantic ideas for you to use to woo your special someone. Be spontaneous and open minded in choosing your date night activity to show your date that you’re open to trying new things.


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Take a Cooking Class or Prepare a Meal Together at Home


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Cooking is a great way to come together and work toward a common goal. If you go to a cooking class you are learning new skills and are in an interactive setting. It is also nice, because you can see how well you and your date can work together as a team. Another plus is that afterwards you have a meal that you can enjoy and chat over with a glass of wine.


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Go Ice Skating


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Ice-skating is a fun and romantic way to utilize the outdoors. You can grab a cup of hot chocolate after skating around the cold ice rink. For all of our DC locals the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden and Ice Rink is a beautiful outdoor ice rink in the heart of DC. Check your city’s local websites for locations.


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Day at the Spa


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For people who are getting a little more serious or married couples just looking for a fun date to plan, how could you say no to a day at the spa? Get a couple’s massage together and release all your tensions. Your lady will be impressed that you are making the extra effort to find a relaxing way to spend time together.


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Take Dance Classes


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This is one date idea that many may be hesitant about, but this is a good opportunity to let loose and try something new! Find a beginner’s class and surprise your date with a spicy type of dance like salsa or the tango.


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Go See Your Local Winter Lights


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Editor’s Note: Visiting the local light scenes in town or as displayed on neighborhood homes is a great idea for couples who enjoy winter creativity and beauty. - Feminista Jones


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Build a Bonfire


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We need to keep warm in this cold weather, which means that we have a great excuse to build a bonfire. You and your date can cozy up by the fire have some drinks and roast some s’mores. The simple pleasures can be a great way to some your romantic side.


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Go Bar Hopping


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For people who are more on the wilder side take your date on an adventure. Go downtown and go to bars that you've never been to before. Enjoy a beer or two and go to the next one. Have you and your date order drinks for each other that they've never tried before. Be creative, but don’t get sloppy!


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Movie Night


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For couples who are already know each other well enough, a movie night is relaxing and a great excuse to cuddle up on a cold night. Choose a movie that you both have never seen and would enjoy, comedy is always a neutral choice. Grab your bowl of popcorn and enjoy!


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Weekend Getaway Skiing or Snowboarding


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Go up to the nearest slopes in your area and rent a cabin for the night. If you both are new at either skiing or snowboard this can be a fun new experience you both can enjoy together. After a long day of being on the slopes get a bite to eat the lodge and enjoy the amenities that they provide.


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Get Crafty!


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Tap into your more creative side and get crafty. Stores like Color Me Mine are a unique place to take your date. You get to choose your piece of pottery and then paint it however you like.

Cuddle Up and Stay Warm!

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