A Valentine Love Letter to Bossy's Mom

8 years ago
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First Bossy has to admit she’s never been much for holidays she believes were invented by a greeting card company. Except for the fact that it’s a chocolate-eating opportunity, Valentine’s Day never amounted to much around the Bossy house. Except for one year when Bossy was ten.

On this particular Valentine’s Day when Bossy was ten, Bossy’s mom decided to let Bossy skip school.

The fact that Bossy’s mom let Bossy skip school wasn’t entirely uncommon. In fact, Bossy’s mom frequently let Bossy stay home so they could do something fun together.

Staying home from school in order to do something fun meant going to a rural flea market or eating sliders in a drive-thru parking lot, or even doing laundry in the sub-basement of their apartment building. Yeah, Bossy and her mom have a long history of hanging out.

But on this particular occasion when Bossy was ten and Bossy’s mom let her stay home from school, the two packed an overnight bag for a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway and they hit the road.

Hitting the road also wasn’t that uncommon for Bossy and her mom, who once climbed on a Greyhound bus with no particular destination in mind except far. But most of the pair’s wanderlust adventures took place in the family car.

And it was in this car that Bossy and her mom would settle behind the wheel — Bossy’s mom behind the actual wheel, and Bossy, in the passenger seat, mimicking her mom by placing a basket on her lap upside down and then shoving a screwdriver between the basket’s weave to act as a gearshift and then leaning a Frisbee against that to act as steering wheel.

And in this way, on that Valentine’s Day when Bossy was ten, she and her mother drove an hour outside the city to a small town called New Hope. Bossy and her mom checked into an Inn and it was there Bossy’s mom gave Bossy a box of chocolates. Next the two went in and out of shops and walked along the canal’s towpath, and then they collected their car in order to drive to a different Inn outside of town for dinner.

And this dinner was duck with orange sauce, which Bossy and her mother inhaled by candlelight.

And then the two retired back to their room, where they no doubt giggled right up to the brink of being kicked out of the Inn. Thus ends the tale of Bossy’s most romantic Valentine’s Day, which was perfection except for the part where Bossy and her mom left their duck doggie bags on the back seat of the Citroën in unseasonably warm weather and therefore they had to be thrown out and yes the duck was the kind of good that Bossy and her mom still remember this critical component of that Valentine’s Day.

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