How Katherine became Kat!

3 years ago

Here is a tiny story.  But it not about 'boy meets girl - falls in love - and remains in love'. Its rather about 'boy meets girl - falls in love - and remains in love - BUT at the cost of what???'.

We shall find out!

Katherine : Indian female( ofcuz that's not her real name. It could be anything like Kavita, Bhavita or Lalita, but that's really unimportant), 27 years of age. And she belongs to a middle class Indian family.

Reckless female. independent, carefree, bold and someone who has a strong mind of her own. Not embarrassed to talk bout sex, or her urge for sex (taboo in India). Not hesitant to start up a raunchy sleazy chat with her guy (again taboo in India).She never cared if people judged her or not. Nor was she dying to fit in to the crowd. She was as comfortable in her skin as ever. Confident as hell. Smart as ever. Loud and bloody noticeable.

And then one fine day she met Matt(name changes yet again). 

Matt: Indian man. 30 years of age. Upper middle class family.

Her colleague in office. There was something bout him that amused her. Bloody hot and just too charming. Quite but witty. Well dressed and a thorough gentleman. She  was mesmerized by him. His calmness complimented her vibrance. He had eyes as deep as the ocean.

Sparks flew all over, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. 
In other words - 'Love happened'.

Matt started calling her 'Kat'...
Cat: the gorgeous sexy kitten
Kat: 'His' gorgeous sexy kitten.
Either ways it was a sexy chic name to call his 'now' girlfriend. They seemed perfect and Oh My God! there pictures on Facebook looked like something out of a chic Hollywood movie.

2 years later..

Kat: Doesn't remember the last time: She had phone sex or real sex with Matt - she spoke her mind - she

got really drunk - she was loud - or the last time she felt sexy.

Matt: Hes still quite and charming.Still has eyes as deep as the ocean.

Theirs is happy relationship, so happy that they are even thinking of getting married. Everything is fine, yet there is something hugely amiss.

Last time I checked Katherine was sure she dint care about how the wedding should be , but she was sure she wanted a grand overwhelming proposal no matter what. And here she is today, discussing about getting married, but if you ask her ; 'So how did he propose?' She says 'I don't quite remember'.
Ask her where shes planning to stay post marriage. She says 'Maybe with my in-laws, since Matt wants to stay there.' Last time I checked Katherine was against staying with in-laws. She would say 'I don't want my marriage to be confined to a room in a house'.

In other words, Katherine and Kat are like 2 different people residing in one single body.

She was no longer Katherine: Fun.crazy.mad.bold
She was now Kat: Matt's creation

The question is:

Is it necessary for every Katherine to become Kat inorder to make a relationship functional? Or are there still men who are ready for the real Katherine.
What is more important? To change to be able to fit into another person's life whom we love? Or be yourself and yet be loved?
- The latter is very lonely and very less appreciated by men although. Maybe that is why every Katherine chooses to become Kat.

Then the story reads something like 'boy meets girl - falls in love - and remains in love - BUT at the cost of a person's (specifically female's) individuality'

But theres a question that haunts me 'Is all this really worth it?'
Looking and still looking for answers...

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