(VIDEO) Embracing the Spirit: Starting on the Road to Sacred Sexuality

7 years ago

I was in the car with a friend, and she asked me what I was going to write about this week. I took a breath and said Erotic or Sacred Spirituality. There was a long pause. I was unnaturally quiet as I waited for the next question.

“OK, what the heck is that?” she finally asked. I took another breath, because I knew I was sitting next to a Christian woman who was strong in her faith, a faith I moved away from years ago.

“For me it is an understanding of a transcendent love in between Spirit and human, in all its aspects, including the connection between spirit and sexuality. It is about the internal loving connection free from dogma, misrepresentation and shame that allows me to be in a profound caring and loving state of being.

It isn’t about sexual positions. It isn’t about the rules of religious dominion controlling your sexual identity and expression. It is the connection to the One that can reverberate through your whole body and spirit.”

My friend kept driving. Finally, she said, “That is too deep for me. That does not track with what I know to be true or even understand.”

This is probably why I don’t talk about it very often. And yet there is this resonance that is pushing me forward.

Joseph Campbell said, "The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."

So You Are Not Talking About The Mechanicals: How Do You Prime the Pump?

Well, no, but since you brought it up, I guess that is as good as a departure point as anything. Yes, there are so-called books linked to various faith traditions that tell you how to bend, twist and insert your way to blissful orgasms. You can find those at any chain bookstore. You don't need me to find them for you.

There are Tantric and Sex Magick sites that go into great details about just what you should do, when and how deep a breath to draw. The ones that truly instruct are the ones that understand it is not just about positions.

It is about the paths to connection within you to Spirit or with another person. Still, it does not hurt to learn about piston and fulcrums. One place to visit is the Sex: Tantric and Karma Sutra podcasts. You can go to the Web site or pick up the podcast on iTunes.

Not really where I was going with this idea. Not today. I'm thinking more along this path:

It is the reclaiming of our authentic sexual power. It is the understanding that our bodies and souls can no longer be legislated by frightened men and women. It is also an acknowledgment that there is an aspect of divine love that is sexual. The idea of making love through Spirit or with Spirit is a process of understanding.

It is about acceptance and reunification independent of what another human may have said or done to you.

It is a journey. This walk requires a willingness to listen to other people and explorations so that you can construct your own loving safe place.

It may be worth it. 'Cuz it is a drag being thought of as a vessel of sin, ya know?

I have no idea where this exploration will lead me, but I'm standing at a fork in the road.

Wahkeena Sitka Tidepool Ripple at Embodied Being wrote about Transforming Repression of Divine Feminine. This is a long article, and she will take you on a journey. This is a passage that is close to what I am learning to incorporate into my being.

What I am referring to is the center of Tantric practice. After much meditation upon Tantric wisdom, I realized that the intention or goal of Tantra was to create the merging of dualities, the union of heaven and earth, the union of masculine and feminine, the union of body and spirit; thus bridging dualities and emerging into a state of wholeness. The Tantric path is about the interweaving of our energies with the fabric of the whole, the available chi of the universe. This is a deep path that requires intense dedication to mastering awareness of energy and being able to become energetically aware of the movement of energy in the body.

I can tell you that as a straight woman I'm learning stuff from the LGBT community about reconstructing faith and sexual acceptance without dogma. Eric Hays-Strom's October 2009 post on Erotic Encounter with the Divine speaks to love, invitation and joining with a high level of being.

Julie at Unabashedly Female is connecting the poetry of Pablo Neruda to the erotic in all forms of life. I can testify to the power of his poetry, because he saved my sanity as I was riding a bus. That poem loved me back into being. (Sonnet #17 if you need an embrace.)

Sex is Sacred has good idea generators that can help to answer some of the questions about this topic. Very helpful is the sex and spirituality page.

Me? I'm going to find my Pablo Naruda book and commune with those up on high. When I am finished, I will begin again to look deeper into the cave.

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