4 Ways to Add Spring Fever to Your Sex Life

4 years ago
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Spring is here, which means you're making a mad dash to clear cluttered closets and darkened corners of your home of dust, debris, and unwanted objects. We often take the time to clear our physical spaces of things that have become stale and dull during these months of rejuvenation, but in this year of shifting energy, why not make a pledge to do some spring cleaning of your sex life as well!? The space around us often reflects our inner space, so it only makes sense to clear your sex life of old routines and mindsets and usher in fresh and new ideas to match your new and improved environment! 

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Sex during the winter months can often turn into a mundane song and dance due to the low energy of the winter solstice, but now that spring is here, it’s time to spring into a more lively sex life!


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Educate Yourself 

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There are a plethora of sex education sources on the internet as well as in the form of videos, books and seminars. Make a commitment to educate yourself about new techniques and ways you can enhance your sex life! My blogsite www.glamerotica101.com is a great source for sexual techniques and sexual health education, as well as my YouTube channel. Have fun with your search and create a learning circle with friends where you can meet up, have drinks, and exchange new information that you all have gathered. Having a support system or accountability partners to help you keep your commitment towards enhancing your sex life will keep you focused enthusiastic no matter what your learning curve is.


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Try new positions

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No one wants to attend a circus to watch a one-trick pony, so why enter the bedroom with the same sex positions? Whether you’re a seasoned sexual vet or a novice, adding a few new moves to your sexual catalog is a great way to revitalize a lack luster sex life this spring. For every traditional sex position there are several variations of it, so you can never run out of new and exciting positions to try! Purchasing a Kama Sutra book filled with different positions or even watching your favorite porn (if you have one) can teach you a few new moves to try in the bedroom. Just make sure you stretch before attempting any positions that require extreme bending or twisting of the limbs or body to avoid injury.


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Have Sex in a New Place

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New places spark up new sources of energy and desire, and having sex in a new area of your home or at a romantic getaway for two may be what is needed to add that passion back into your sex life! Break out of your conservative shell and have sex in the kitchen, or ride the waves of the bathtub surfboard-style like Queen Beyoncé in the bathroom. Be spontaneous and take it back to those make out sessions in high school to have a freaky session with your lover in the back seat of your car (or in the front seat if you’re daring).  The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating new stages to play out your sexy scenes. Be creative, be different, be safe and most importantly have fun!


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Incorporate New Props

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There can never be a great stage production without the use of props to bring a story to life and when it comes to the private production of your sex life, the same rules apply! There are a plethora of products that have been created to act as sexual aids in the bedroom for couples looking to turn their sexual routines from the basic act into a Cirque du Soleil performance! Even if you aren’t into the more daring of props, there are sexual aides for you as well! Sex swings, sex furniture, vibrators, cock rings, floggers, whips, hand cuffs, bed restraints, nipple clamps, sex pillows/foam liberators, prostate massagers, Ben Wa balls, tasty lubricants, edible body paints, warming massage oils, aroma therapy candles and thousands of other props are all available for purchase and ready for you to use as your imagination directs you! Check out your local adult store to see these items in person, or surf the virtual aisles of the largest adult novelty retailer online www.adameve.com .

There are other ways to put a jolt of rejuvenation into your sex life this spring,  including role playing, starring in your own adult film featuring you and your sexy lover, bringing another person into the bedroom into a threesome situation (maybe the third eye can be a fly on the wall and act as a voyeur), attending a swingers' party or a nudist colony, and so much more! Whatever you are into or whatever strikes your curiosity, make a commitment to yourself and your partner to be open to new ideas and to keep your sex life interesting for this spring season and beyond! After all, sex is all about having fun while bonding intimately isn’t it?


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