4 Ways Stilettos Can Help Spice Up Your Marriage

4 years ago
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A little while back I asked my husband, "Is there any way that I can be a better wife for you?"

Every now and then I think it is good to check in with each other to see how things are going. I think it is important, in marriage, to ask the question, "How can I be better for you? For us?"

Do you want to know what he answered?

It's not what you would assume a husband might say.

He said, "I'd like you to wear high heels more often."

I was totally surprised by his answer. I am a jeans, tank top and flip flop kind of girl. I live in them. If I never saw another pair of heels again, that would be alright with me. What is it about heels anyway? Why do us women put ourselves thru this voluntary torture on a regular basis?

Believe it or not, a recent study sought out to answer that very question. Scientists behind this study found that women who wear heels are perceived as more attractive by both men and women. The reason for this, they have found, is that when women wear heels it exaggerates the feminine aspects of their walk. Basically we walk more "womanly" with heels than with flats. And, of course, that is perceived to be more attractive.

Despite my dismay at the idea of occasionally trading in my flip flops for stilettos, I decided he was right; every now and then, I needed to make more of an effort in my appearance. If he wanted to see me in heels, I was going to make sure that he saw me in heels! It seemed like a reasonable request.

A couple of days after that, we were at Kohl's. I took him to the shoe section and told him to pick out a pair of heels for me that he would like to see me in.

This is what he picked:

REALLY??? The tallest, most uncomfortable, most out of character heels he could find! I bought them anyway.

Now, when we go on a date night (where I know there won't be much preferably not any walking), I strap on my heels just for him. It makes him incredibly happy when I do :)

Here are 4 ways that a sexy pair of heels can add spice to your marriage too.

Self -Confidence

Let's face it. Despite how uncomfortable they are, most of us feel a little sexier when wearing a pretty pair of heels. We lift our chin, sway our hips, push out our chest a bit. The truth is that there is little else that is sexier on a woman than self-confidence. Boost your self-confidence and your husband won't be able to keep his hands off you. Sometimes, all it takes for that boost is a sexy pair of shoes.

Making an Effort

In marriage, effort is equal to love. If you are trying then you are showing how much you care. Make an effort in your appearance, just for him, sometimes. Even if it is just for a date night at home. Do your hair, throw on some light makeup, and pull out those uncomfortable yet incredibly sexy heels. Your hubby will appreciate the effort you went to for him.

Get the Engines Revving

The more effort you make in looking good for him, feeling confident, wearing things that he likes on you, the more those engines will start to rev. In marriage, keeping those engines revving is one of the secrets to longevity.

All This Equals a Smokin' Hot Marriage!

With all of these things working together-- self confidence, effort, and sexiness-- it is bound to spill over and make for an improved connection and intimacy in and out of the bedroom. It definitely works in my relationship. Hubby loves it when I feel good about myself. He loves when I make an effort just for him. I love it when he finds me sexy. All of that combined, makes for a smokin' hot marriage!

It seems like such a simple thing; wearing a sexy pair of shoes. How can something so small make a difference in my marriage?

Remember, sometimes it is the small things that make the biggest difference.

Give it a try. Let me know what you think.



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