Sleeping, Jogging, and Sex

7 years ago

According to my scientific news reading husband Heath, sleeping, jogging and sex are a trifecta of smartness.

“All at the same time?” I ask in a snarky way,  “Because I am pretty sure I can do two of those at a time but ask me to do a third and I am afraid I am just going to have to remain dumb.”  ha.

Of course my real question was what kind of cheese did they use to get lab mice to do those three things and can I have some of that super motivational cheese.  So, I had to look it up.  Google it up.

It turns out to be TRUE.  Let me explain.

According to several scientific studies sleeping, jogging, and sex (among other things) DO grow brain cells.  Wonderful gray matter brain cells.  Memory, logic, and so on.  Furthermore, I could really use some memory and logic right now because I can’t find my Costco card.  Again. 

So, how do I get my hands on these seemingly elusive brain cells? 

It is like smartness is just dangling out there in front of me like a carrot that has been hung by a string over a giant cliff;  I am on a reality TV game-show and it is my turn to jump or lose my chance at the big prize.  Brain cells!  jump for my love

I hear the crowd and the game-show host cheering me on to jump off the cliff and grab, so I start to run… but I hesitate.  Because I can’t see… I am blinded by some kind of light.  No, that isn’t a light, that is a baby.  A needy baby with a smelly diaper needing to be changed and then breastfed because it is nap time.

Wait a minute, what were we talking about?  Oh yeah, sleeping jogging, and sex.

My reality is that I am not a contestant on a game-show.  I am the mother to four boys and I am still breastfeeding my littlest one.  I co-sleep, night parent, house clean, cook, drive, nurture, and play with my children.  Why aren’t those things on the list of brain cell boosting and smartness making?

I would love the trifecta to be breastfeeding, booger-wiping, and story-reading.  That would make me a frickin’ GENIUS.  Instead, I am stuck here with what we moms lovely refer to as “mommy brain” with a list of symptoms laughably long. 

All I can do is keep repeating my mantra that this too shall pass and move on to the next thing.  My life filled with sleeping, jogging, and sex are coming soon.  Very soon.



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