Single and Star Struck

6 years ago

The night sky was crystal clear. My friend and I were on the rooftop bar of a local hotel enjoying a gathering of single people. On the ride up in the elevator I noticed that the pretty, blond, 20 something woman next to me was my daughter’s high school English teacher. I had forgotten that even intelligent, pretty, and young schoolteachers had a hard time finding love in a small town. This was my second time going out to one of these singles events and I already felt more comfortable. Seeing my daughter’s teacher made it all seem less intimidating somehow.

I noticed some familiar faces from various online profiles as well as from the prior singles event. I relaxed and settled into the night.

My friend is gorgeous, tall, blond and blue-eyed. Candy to all the single men milling around. Luckily my friend is quite a bit more social than I am, so I allowed myself to remain mostly mute for the night. Men came up to us all night chatting about this, that and the other until it all became a sort of white noise.

I found myself tilting my head back so I could look at the night sky hanging above us. I realized I was bored. What does one talk about in these situations? I found I had very little to say. I marveled at my friend’s ability to keep conversation after conversation going, even if I did occasionally wish I were a bit more assertive - although not enough to interrupt. I took a peek skyward. The stars twinkled down at me from their amused perspective. They had seen it all before.

I appreciated how nice it was to be out with other adults, men and women. I can be naïve, but I wasn’t getting the feeling that people were there to hook-up necessarily (although that was definitely on the table for some), but more that most were there to just be out and about with other people.

My friend and I stayed for quite awhile, but as time wore on and the younger girls became more tipsy, giggly and talkative, the 40 and 50 something men seemed to tense up, animal instincts taking over as they recognized opportunity.

My friend and I decided to leave; we had done our part for the single moms out there. We had gotten out, at least for a night. As we slipped into the shadows, I took one last look overhead to acknowledge the stars and moon wheeling across time in their own sea of darkness.

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