Sexy Homework Assignment for Two

I started my anonymous blog about 17 months ago with the intention of writing about all of the things that I couldn't write about on my "real blog," things like my honest opinion of my boss, my crazy family and sex. Mostly sex. In fact, one of the first "Theme weeks" that I had on my blog was called, "Married Sex Week." You wouldn't believe the number of people who wrote to me to say that they thought "Married Sex" was a myth. Or maybe you would.

Sometimes I run writing assignments on my blog, and they're quite popular. I do it to get the creative juices flowing in my readers. One night I was writing two separate posts; one was about sex, and one was a writing assignment. And then suddenly, like the guy who dipped his chocolate in& his girlfriend's peanut butter, it hit me! SEX ASSIGNMENTS! What better way to get the, uh, juices flowing? These have also proved to be quite popular.

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Since Blogher kicked off a Resurrect Romance series last week, they've asked me to share some of my "homework" with you. I hope you have fun!

1. SEXTING: It's not just for teenagers any more! Go ahead and text your spouse something naughty during the day. It doesn't have to be uncomfortably explicit, it just needs to get the message across that you're thinking about him/her and that you're looking forward to seeing them. Something along the lines of, "I just daydreamed about you." or even, "Our bed looks lonely." gets the point across without being to overt. Of course, if it's more your style you can always send something like, "Naked Water Polo in the shower later?" but if that's your speed, you probably don't need tips from me.

2. JUST SAY YES: There are so many things on my "to do" list every day that sometimes when my husband makes a play for me I say, "later." But my "to do" list seems to expand infinitely and a lot of times it feels like "later" never comes. Days will go by, or weeks. When that happens we both get out of the habit of making time for each other -- and sex. This assignment is to just say "Yes." Next time the opportunity arises don't think about the dishes in the sink, or the three weeks of Grey's Anatomy on DVR, I promise you, they'll be there tomorrow. JUST SAY YES.

3. FANTASY ISLAND: Are you ready to kick it up a notch? Okay, here's one that my husband and I enjoyed immensely. You each need to make a list of 10 things you would like to try (in bed). Try to order them from more vanilla to more adventurous and then share the list with your partner. You need to agree to NOT be judgmental. See if there is anything on the lists that you would both like to try and give it a go! Or see if your partner has some items that you've never thought about before but would be up for trying. It's okay if there are some things you can NEVER see yourself doing. That's a fair answer we're not here to focus on the "No," we're here to focus on the "That sounds like fun!"

Have a great time with these!


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