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4 years ago


Fun Factory's Curve DildoMany of you have requested that we revisit toys we've reviewed in the past to see if they're something we would still recommend. Today we're exploring Fun Factory's Curve for a second time. Our first review was written by myself, and this one was written by Buried With Kids. The results from both reviewers is a resounding YEEEESSS!!

Why Use A Dildo?

I never really understood the draw of a dildo. Like why would I want to play with a plastic penis shaped toy when I could have one that vibrated? Also there is a real penis that sleeps next to me that I could technically use if I asked nicely and the man attached to it was game.

But as I have gotten to know my body more, explored it and learned what really rings my orgasm bell, I decided I needed to try a silicone dildo. Something curved that will hit me right in that magical G-spot. Something with a bit of texture but soft and smooth.

One Word - 'Stubs'

I am happy to say that the people at Fun Factory have just such a toy. It is one from their line of 'Stubs' called Curve.

Fun Factory's Curve DildoStubs are made with 100% silicone, flexible but firm and easy to use and clean. There is no need for batteries or chargers... all you need is some old fashion muscle power depending on how hard you want to use it.

The Curve is curved. To me, she looks like an S shape with one end designed like the tip of the penis. There is some ribbing on the underside which adds to the wonderful stimulation of the vagina as she is moved in and out.

G-Spot Stimulation

She has the most perfect curve for hitting the G-spot and I really like the 'Royal Curl' handle on the end which a finger can be placed through to keep her in place. This is really nice as things get wetter. It provides support and a good place to hang onto so she doesn't slip out or in the wrong place at that wrong time.

I thought the size, in terms of width and girth, of Curve was good and satisfying. I didn't feel like she got lost but I didn't feel like I was going to get ripped open either.

Does Not Disappoint

Fun Factory states that Curve has a special nob for clitoral stimulation but I didn't experience that. And honestly, I am not really sure what they mean by that. But that doesn't mean this toy was disappointing. Oh no, not in the least, quite the opposite actually.

Fun Factory's Curve DildoCurve has been my go to toy as of late. Sure, I do like my vibrators but to produce that wonderful G-spot orgasm on my own... she hits the spot, literally.

Curve can be used anywhere, anytime. Bath tub, shower, bed, hot, cold,  in a power outage, when the batteries are all gone, it doesn't matter. She is very low maintenance and very, very good at her job.

This toy was a good beginning into the world of silicone dildos or Stubs. I rather enjoyed her and who knows... maybe next time something a bit bigger or made of a different material.

I'm pretty sure the possibilities are endless.

Do Tell Toy With Mes …

We love creating an open dialogue with you, it's a great way to give us direction and better service your needs. So don't be shy and do tell ... Have you ever tried a dildo before? If yes, were you happy with the results? If no, is there a reason why you haven't? Now that you've read how incredible a dildo really can be are you more apt to try one?


  • Power Source: Dildo – no charging or waiting required!
  • Performance: G-spot stimulator.
  • Controls: Manual operation.
  • Special Features: 100% Waterproof. Can be cooled or warmed for temperature play!Dynamic “Royal Curl” handle. Strategic ‘bump’ for clitoral stimulation.
  • Vibrations Levels: N/A
  • Ins: Curved G-spot stimulation design. The Curve is easy to use and clean, no need for batteries or charging.
  • Outs: None – Loved this toy!


  • Material: 100% Medical grade silicone
  • Texture: A combination of soft and polished surfaces. Soft/slick and smooth/silky.
  • Safety Features: Body safe silicone
  • Colors: Violet, Black and Pink
  • Manufacturer: Fun Factory


  • Total Length: 7.9”
  • Cost: $59.99
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty

Overall Rating

**Based on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being not so great and 5 being awesome.

  • Noise Level: 5 – The only noise you’ll hear will be coming from you!
  • Performance Satisfaction: 5 – Very intuitive at finding your G-Spot.
  • Value for the Price: 5 – Definitely worth the price!
  • Intensity Level: This depends on you since it’s a manual toy.
  • Overall Rating: 5 – My 'Go To' toy lately!

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