Sex Tips from a Pastor (rated NC-17)

10 years ago
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I'll be getting on a plane in 5 hours, so I had to ask myself if I'd be OK w/ these being my last words. And I would be. So here we go. 'Though long ago, I wish someone would've shared this with me, perhaps by sharing it here, it'll save some shame or restore some regret.

1) Don't watch or listen to movies, TV or music that has sex in it. If your senses sense it, your hormones will want to do it. 2) Alcohol-y = horn-y. If you don't want one-night stands, skanky reputations, disease, and most importantly, regret...don't mix dates & drinks. 3) If you're in a monogamous, Christ-centered dating rltshp. but you both keep gettin' tempted and/or succumbing to temptation...get hitched and be done with it! Gheesh! 4) Thongs, g-strings, lingerie, crack or boob exposure = trouble. The way you dress is the way you are perceived. Dress modestly--be percieved as dignified; dress suggestively--be percieved as easy. 5) God is everywhere and IS aware of who's doing who. And it breaks His heart if they are not married. The worst thing I ever did was break God's heart. The best thing God ever did was forgive me. Regret, guilt and shame are from Satan (because God is love He's not capable of invoking such horrible feelings). Please know you are always a prayer away from God forgiving, forgetting, and giving a second chance.