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5 years ago
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A relative of mine who shall remain nameless had a goal to have sex in all 50 states in the USA.

Once he’d shagged his sexy curvy wife in a state they’d color it on their Rand McNally Road Atlas and ready themselves for the next trip. They even had a color code system for certain ‘acts’ they performed in each state but that’s where my knowledge of their sex quest ends.

As a truck driver it only took them a few years to get full coverage across the entire United States and I never was brave enough to ask if they’ve now moved on to the rest of the world. Of course secretly, I hope they have!

Forget the boring ‘things to do before you die’ bucket list that usually involves sky diving and seeing the Pyramids, why not get cracking on your ‘sex bucket’ list. It sure beats date night at the movies with your man or the seemingly never ending quest for big curvy love. Here’s the most common and vanilla items I can safely list. There’s a lot more quick and dirty ones I’d like to include but best you create your own!

-Where- In a car, boat, on the beach, swimming pool, hot tub, shower, outdoors

-S & M- Handcuffs, rope or anything bondage related and in 50 Shades of Grey

-Sex tape/ photographs, phone sex and sexting

-Locations- Elevator, office, parents place, airplane, bathroom at a club/restaurant

-Nationalities- Maybe you’ve always been interested in Jamaicans or Italians?

-Men in Uniform- Policeman, firefighter, teacher (failing that role play!)

-Threesome, one night stand, Kama Sutra, orgy, booty call, friends with benefits

Personally this plus-size primadonna I really want to use that celebrity leave pass i’ve had forever!

Okay Curvy Girls – What’s on your Sex Bucket List?

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