The Seven Year Itch...In Reverse?

6 years ago

April 1st isn't just a day for great practical jokes, it's a perfect day for...

A fifth wedding anniversary! Namely, mine and my husband's. We were committed to each other (sounds kind of like a jail sentence when I put it that way, but pun NOT intended) in Las Vegas five years, two kids and fifty pounds (on me) earlier. I was donning a white wedding dress (yeah, right...SO not the right color for me...we'd already had one baby boy) and he was sporting stained work jeans and a shirt that said, DRINKS WELL WITH OTHERS.

Talk about a bit of an imbalance.

We've been together now for a total of eleven years (off and on) and it's going...well, great. NOW. But the first few years were really rough. We disagreed over everything, butted heads (because we're both so stubborn) and fought our way tooth and nail to figure out our own way inside of the marriage. There were so many times when we'd almost called it off after being so fed up with things just not working out.

It was hard.

I went to my best girlfriend and asked her opinion of why I was having such a hard time being married. She told me something I will never forget, "The first few years are so hard. But you guys will find your groove and then it will be so much better. Better than you could ever believe."

And she was right.

The seven year itch is just an example here. There is no set time limit to something that is difficult getting better. It wasn't seven years for us, more like three-ish. Also, the seven year itch also suggests adultry and that's not what happened in this situation. Rather, it's just an example of a difficult time that we all face in our marriages. Whether it's at the beginning of the marriage, the end, or a lull near the middle, I'm sure you'll all get that "itch" that something just isn't right there.

But I say to stick it out if it's not unforgivable because once something is broken, when it heals, grows back so much stronger.


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