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5 years ago

Just a new thought

I've joined two dating sites online, and I first joined thinking that this site was for asexual. I soon found out that it was not just for asexual, this site had asexual as members, but, not everyone was one. I changed my tune. Instead of being an asexual, I live an abstinent lifestyle. I said the two passions in my life were, 1- living an asexual lifestyle and two my religion.

I am sticking to decision of no sex. If a man can show me he is willing to date me without the chance of having sex then he wants to date me for other reasons then just sex. I do not want to have any type of sexual relationship. I would like to have a relationship without sex so I can enjoy the other person and not have to worry about things like bit control and condoms.

I think that I have a long road ahead of me in search of a man who wants me for more than sex. I want to have a man who wants a long relationship with me. I do not believe in love but, I do believe in honesty and commitment.

I do not want to have kids or to get married. As a married woman I am expected to sexually please my husband and to have a family. As an unmarried woman, I would be looked down upon it I had children. I think the children would be taken from me if I got pregnant with or without a husband.

Marriage is not in my future as of this moment. Kids are not in my future as if this moment either. The risk of me getting married or having kids is my “husband” leaving me and taking the children with him or the children being taken away from me by the state. One way or the other the children will be taken from me.

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