Second rinse

3 years ago

It worked better on my nipples then it did in my mouth. I felt it dance around, leaving a trail of saliva that side down the side of my boob.

“Don’t stop!”

Yes it was a shout and not one of those soft whispers in his ear, it’s strange but his motion was tender but firm, fine not rough, and a touch of happy with joy. He was making love to me and that is when I remembered. During out friendship, Maz was a good friend, someone I loved.

“Doggie style?” Right now I was ready for whatever he was willing to give me. He rose up and out of me and placed his feet on the floor.  He held out his hand and he helped me turn around. With ease he was back up on the machines.

I placed my knees upon the lid of the washer. For just a split second I was glad Darkness didn’t have those giant front load washer or worst the smaller ones that you can stack up  and put in the closet.

There I was on my hands and knees with my hand being on the dryer and my knees on the washer. I could feel his hands kneading and spreading my butt cheeks apart to give him more entry room. It was then, as if lighting had struck me, he placed his member inside of me, genteelly.

I gave out a loud shout of excitement and heard him give off a playful giggle.

“Yeah!  That’s me.”

I returned he thrust feeling myself getting wetter and wetter with each of his plunges deep inside of me. I licked my lips just to complete the thought of him kissing me. In one swift moment he brought my back to his chest, turned my head to the side, shoveled his tongue into my mouth and gave me at least ten solid, deep thrust causing me to scream into his mouth. I quickly turned my head gasping for air.

“OH! That’s the way you like it.” He said giving me twenty more in rapid succession. I jumped forward placing my hands again on the hot surface as liquid flowed from me onto him. “Let me give you some more.” Again his hands were on my behind molding it as if it was clay.

I could barely keep my hands on top of the now hot machine. It was becoming harder to enjoy what was going on behind me. I braced my hand on my lower thigh for a sense of relief.

His hands left my behind and caress my hips and moved to my lower back. My eyes closed as I exhaled a deep breath through my mouth.  I felt him inside of me, felt his hands on my body and I thought I felt him knocking at my heart.

 “No one is at home.” I said to myself.

One of his arms went under my breast as the other went on top and he pulled me back to his chest. He nibbled at my ear like a teenager while one of his hands glided down my stomach to the point between my legs. It was one, maybe three fingers began vibrating from side to side helping my body release the energy trapped deep inside. I let my hand softy lay on top of his giving slight direction in movement to get him to his destination.


I was feeling him. I mean FEELING HIM! Every movement he made inside of me made me want to scream to the top of my lungs and from the sounds coming from upstairs someone else was feeling the same thing.

My insides were in a sense reaching, better, grabbing for him.  My mind drifted from reality to fantasy and I tried my hardest to stay focused, but it was hard as my eyes crisscrossed in my head. I didn’t know if a little of my happiness situation that I had upstairs was creeping back on me or could it have been the human chemicals releasing itself into my brain.  I felt his hands touching my hips, the sides my breast and then came the strong tug on my hair.

“Come to me.” He said pulling my hair back toward his body.  He didn’t miss a stroke but increased as he wrapped his other hand around my waist stopping me before I sat in his lap. “Don’t’ move! I like it like this.” His voice was low and yet still deep as the words trickled in my ear.  His thrust were now shorter, quicker and more penetrating and mesmerizing to my body. Dare I say breathtaking.

Just as quickly I felt my body become wetter releasing a flood of fluids, freeing my body of the shivers and leaving me limp only to regain its composure to shiver four more times before he released my hair and lay me back upon the washer with him on top.

He gave out a heavy moan. I felt his member, strong and vibrant, slip out of me.

“Gain you strength my love.” He said placing his hands on the center of my back and pushing himself up. “I’m not done with you yet.”

I tried, believe me, I tried to regain myself. I couldn’t seem to catch my breath, my limbs were too weak to move and the wetness between my legs began to stick to me.  I was his rag doll and he was the puppet master. He jumped down from the machine and took the step stool from the other side of the room. He placed it by the washer, next to my head. Stepping upon it he took hold of his member in one hand and the back of my head with the other. I look at his smiling face as I opened my moist waiting mouth letting him place it inside. Just as I felt him between my legs, I felt every vein and curve with my tongue. To add to his pleasure he moved my head forward and back as he gave his member several quick shakes. Each time he tried to remove himself I sucked him back in, it had come to the point where I took hold of his member and let  three of my fingers rub his two dangling buddies.

“NO! STOP!” he said now with both hand on the walls. I had no intention of doing so until his hand spread my legs apart and his fingers, at least three penetrated through. 

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