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Infidelity in marriage can be the deciding factor on whether a couple decide to get a divorce, however, there are numerous reasons why marriages become troubled. If you have been with your partner for a long period of time, then you would most likely want to try and salvage the relationship rather than immediately consulting a divorce attorney. Splitting up can be a very trying, painful time so it’s always advisable to consider getting marriage separation advice by seeking family counseling if children are involved. It’s perfectly natural to feel confused, shocked, hurt, angry and tearful when you realize that your marriage is in trouble, no matter what the reason for this strife. We make vows with the purpose of keeping them and divorce is an extremely traumatic thing for a couple or family to have to deal with. Even if there’s a glimmer of hope for your relationship, it’s imperative to do what you can to work things out.

Your First Steps to Repairing Your Marriage Even if one of you has committed adultery or been an unfaithful spouse, there are still ways in which to save your marriage without winding up in the divorce court. In the majority of cases, a cheating spouse is usually very remorseful and willing to embrace couples therapy, or see a family counsellor. If you have unexpectedly found yourself embroiled in a relationship breakup, it’s important to allow yourself time to come to terms with your personal feelings before deciding how to fix the relationship. It’s imperative to seek professional marriage advice rather than confiding in friends and family because this may allow your judgment to be clouded.

Impartial advice from a third party is always the very best way to deal with a marriage in crises.Whether you are seeking relationship help by attending a type of relationship advice clinic or taking a well advised period of time out to go to a marriage retreat(sometimes can be very helpful), it’s essential to adopt an open mind in order to stop the process of divorce for a period and concentrate on saving your marriage.

Even in the extreme circumstances that you have found  your wife is in love with another man or your husband is in love with another woman, you may realize that an unhappy marriage was the reason for the infidelity. But whatever the reasons for divorce, be it a midlife crises or a marriage becoming stuck in a rut, there are ways and means to avoid marital separation. You may be hell bent on revenge, or hurting your partner with cruel words, but the feeling of relief which these actions bring are generally short lived. You should try and keep these feelings to yourself or perhaps record them in a journal to show to a counselor during one of your therapy sessions.

Difficulties in Saving a Relationship,If you have taken advantage of the free relationship advice that is available in abundance or have maybe have read numerous books on marriage but still feel like you are no closer at resolving any issues, then and only then should you perhaps need to think about getting some divorce support or advice. In many cases, seeking this divorce support can make you reconsider your options and start thinking ‘how do I save my marriage‘? ‘Is it possible’ ‘Could our relationship ever be the same?’ If you do find yourself having second thoughts then this clearly shows that you aren’t quite ready to give up on your relationship and that you still harbor strong feelings for your spouse, regardless of what they may have done.

Emotional ties cannot be broken overnight and if this were the case then there would be far more people filing for divorce or splitting up.If however you feel that you have hit a brick wall with therapy then you can still seek out further relationship advice which may involve private one to one counseling from a professional to give your relationship the final last push to try and save it,and finally if all fails then you will probably need to speak with a family law solicitor. This will inform you of the consequences a break up and allow you to better deal with the practicalities and legalities which are involved.

A family law consultation will certainly answer any questions you may have such as ‘what is divorce’? ‘what does it mean’ what will happen’ or if there are children involved you may want to know what will happen regarding custody and financial matters.Obviously divorce is the very last option because once the ink is dry on the papers, it’s difficult to go back and save the marriage. If kids are involved then you should always strive to do your best to iron out any issues by communicating well, and trying to be reasonable about things, no matter how hurt or betrayed you may feel.

Research shows that couples can recover from a break up. Commitment and time are needed, and you should both be willing to own up to your individual faults and promise to make changes where necessary if you both are lucky enough to have been able to save the relationship. It takes two to tango and sometimes a marriage fails because one or both parties are nor entirely happy. Longer relationships can become stale and this often leads to discontentment. Making time for one another, communicating effectively, compromise and having separate interests are all factors in maintaining a healthy relationship. A healthier relationship is far less likely to break up so it’s important to always work at your marriage to keep the foundations of your partnership strong.


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