Safe in his arms

4 years ago

   I just found out how to let you see the wonderful bags that I have in my trunk. The picture that is in my profile spot is one of the first bags that I told you about.  But that is not why you are here. You want to know what happened when we pulled up into that beautiful hotel in that fabulous city’s downtown.   See what had happened was….

“I know what I deserve.” I said.  Not wanting to get a man upset that has a gun in a brief case, I had to take this slow. “A good fuck is one thing and paper is another.”  For those who don’t understand old man language, paper is cash money. I had no idea that he was going to place me in what I thought was dangerous.  I have gone on a few of these little trips. I always stayed in the car, with the motor running and had the gun in my lap for my protection only. Looking back on it, they were not young gun hoe men, these were men of business.  It may not be the type of business you like, but it is still business

“You know that I got you baby.  I got you covered long before you got out of your house.” He parked the car and turned off the engine.  He was a man of his word and I knew that he would never do me wrong.  If he said he had me covered long before I stepped out of my house than I knew it would be more than I could ever think of.  Let get one thing understood I am in no way one of those women that some of you are thinking of, by the way stop judging me until you can judge yourself better.

He opened up his door and slammed it shut.  “OH SHIT!!!” I thought to myself, he is mad at me. My door opened and he held out his hand to help me out. I stepped out of the way giving him room to reach in the back seat for his brief case. “Say, do you want your bag?”

I didn’t want to have sex with him anymore, he didn’t step over the line, but he was dancing and stomping all over it. “Yeah grab it.”

 As we walked toward the hotel elevator he pulled me close to him. “You alright baby.  You are alright.” I felt him give me a quick squeeze. “I’ve been with you too long that you can come straight out and front me like that.”

“Do you want a dumb ass on your arm or do you want a woman who will not only have your back but let you know she knows what’s going on?”

“All I need is you baby.”

The ride in the elevator went straight up to the top floor room. He knocked on the door and it slowly opened. The music was blaring loudly.  I didn’t mind because it was my favorite band playing a song that I loved to hear.

“For you Baby.” I looked towards the balcony to see the band playing live. I wanted to scream.  The years of making love to him to that song, telling him over and over again that this was my band and stories of having their posters covering my walls as a teenager actually were heard. He left me to handle his affair and he knew I knew what he was doing.

The band played until the early morning hours and the guests were gone, asleep or dancing. I have to admit that my eyes were getting heavy and my feet were killing me in those heels.  In fact the band just packed up their instruments and made themselves comfortable along with the rest, falling off to sleep.

“Come on.  We are not going to sleep on the floor with the rest of them, you are up way past your bed time.” He took my hand and led me through a door a far off from the rest of the crowd.  I was amazed to find a separated hotel room that was bigger than the one we were just in.

“It is yours for the week end.  Paid in full.”

I jumped in his arms. “Why…”

“Baby, never ask me why.  I told you that the first time I saw you.”  He did you know.

We made it to the bed room and took off all of our clothes. The warm shower we enjoyed for over an hour gave a new meaning to the word foreplay.  We touched , explored and tired a few things that when we stepped out, he called downstairs to set me up with a hair appointment, hot rock spa and a manicure.

 Sliding into the sheets, we curled up naked and watched a very old movie that I had never seen before. This is how we make love.  Like an old married couple.  We watch a little tv and then the fun begins.  Old movies were his thing.  He found delight in telling me all the side line, back stories and unknown information. The warmth of his arms, the softness of his kisses on my forehead and I was in dream land before the first commercial.Fun night out

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