Robin Thicke Gives Great Dating Advice: Don't Be Boring!

5 years ago
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 Robin Thicke is usually known for his soulful singing and sexy lyrics. I mean, his fourth album was called “Sex Therapy” for goodness sake! But what you may (or may not) be surprised to know is that he offers a great piece of  dating advice (that goes beyond the bedroom) on his last album, “Love After War.”


On a soft and subltle, melodic track called “Boring,” Robin is literally singing the praises of his lover for one simple thing: she’s not a wet blanket! The first verse and chorus go like this (click here to listen):

Why would I go to Rome and stand in St. Peter’s Square
Or gaze at Mona Lisa
With someone who can’t compare

I’d never go without you
I wouldn’t even dare
Like Rio De Janeiro was never even there

No need to spend my birthday 
With all of my friends in New York City (Boring)
No need to have floor seats 
Sevens games Celtics and Kobe (Boring)

You make me say glory hallelujah 
You’re never boring (never boring)

Girl you know you make me say
Glory Hallelujah (glory) 
You’re never boring (never boring)


Ok, I know. The lyrics are amateur at best, but stay with me here.

What I appreciate about the song and it’s underlying message is that when it comes to dating and relationships, in order for someone to be interested in you…you have to be interesting!

Don’t wait for some handsome stud or pretty young thing to come along before you develop and pursue your interests. Explore museums, travel, watch the news, read books, go wine tasting, take a cooking class – get out and enjoy life!

Take the time to create new experiences for yourself when you’re single. That way, when the right person comes along, you’ll have an inventory of fun things to pull from that will:

1) Make great conversation starters
2) Give you a list of date ideas
3) Help the other person get to know you better.

Be adventurous, open minded, and as the song suggests: don’t be boring!