The Return of Lost Love

6 years ago

In life, I am positive we all posess a type of silent whistle only our exes can hear.  Whenever you are truly happy in a relationship, a siren of hurricane proportion goes off and within moments a long lost love will bombard your life with positive reinforcement of the relationship you once had.  They will reminisce about how in love they were, they will apologize for any hurt they may have caused and then as if they refuse to accept your new significant other...they will plead to stay in touch. 

Having been in my current relationship for over three years, I assumed I am past the point of sending out signals to my exes.  It has been a couple of years since I have heard from any of them, making it clear to them that I had definitely met the love of my life and didn't want to jeopardize anything by keeping in touch.  Except, I now believe my signal is being crossed and directed towards my significant other instead.

Due to a breach in trust a year ago, I have access to my significant other's email.  While this has helped build the trust, it perhaps has also inhibited my path forward (but that's another blog all together).  Over the year, I have seen various emails from exes, none serious enough for me to take notice. Mostly small talk appearing out of boredom, that which is never responded, potentially preventing a conversation.  This last one, however, stung my heart. 

The ex stated her apology for breaking my significant other's heart, told him how much she was in love with him, finished with an inside joke....and of course the plea to stay in touch.  My exact recipe; except it wasn't for me this time, it was aimed at the love of MY life.

How do you handle an ex that slips back into the picture?  Especially an ex of a significant other? And most importantly, when you didn't know that their heart had been broken by this person in the past?

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