Resurrection Sunday - apart but of one heart.

4 years ago
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Happy Easter!  Thank you Jesus!  The miracle of your love and grace is something I pray I never forget.  Today was a blessing.  I got to hear Your word and sing Your praises in the morning.  I got to take a neighbor with a slightly broken heart out for lunch.  My children got to spend the day with their dad.  I pray they were able to share a bit of the Truth with him in their own sweet ways.  I got to watch a movie at home in peace.  I got a sweet picture sent to me from the man I have loved for nearly 10 years.  It was a quiet day but a nice one.  My husband was in Louisiana.  He went to church with his Aunt and spent the day with a friend. 

While it was really a nice day, there was one moment, when I hadn't heard from him when I thought I should have, I wondered...What is he doing?  I thought for one little bit, hmmm, wonder where's he at and what is he up to?  I suppose that is not in itself a big deal but I didn't like the feeling it left me with.  Doubt with at little side of fear.  I reminded myself that I cannot control anyone and to stay in my own wonderful day.  I told satan to get behind me.  I will look to my Savior for strength.  He is in control and will help me handle whatever comes. 

My husband did come visit me last weekend and stayed for a night in the spare room.  He went with us to church and then took us bowling.  It was fun, sweet, simple and wonderful.  It made me miss him more but I was so able to savor the greatness of the day.  We have made plans for Memorial Day weekend.  I am so looking forward to it. 

I am grateful and richly blessed.  I am forgiven and saved.  I am loved and the daughter of a King.  I am undeserving of His love but he loves me anyways.  I am one of His favorite children and so are you!  I pray you KNOW that.