Real Life #1 Part 2

3 years ago

***Warning this content is not be suitable for people under the age 18***

Note: I ran out of time on my last blog post; my apologies. I recomend you read the first part first. Here is the rest of the story....


I hopped down off the counter and grabed Kay's hand and walked towards my husband. I grabed his package as I walked by. He knew what that meant. It meant follow us, and follow us he did. We went straight to our bedroom. 

Kay pushed me down on the bed and ripped my shirt off. (She was aparently just as eager as my husband). She then undid my pants and ripped them off. She started kissing me again and worked her way down to my boobs. She was sucking on my nipples and it felt good. 

I looked up to see my husband standing there naked rubbing his big hard dick. I said to him, "Babe, why don't you get over here and fuck her." I definitely did not have to tell him twice. He walked up behind Kay took her shirt off and then her pants. To our surprise she had piercings: nipples and clit. (Neither of us had been with someone with those piercings before, so it was a fun new experience).

It had been so long since I'd been with a woman it was so exciting. I was so wet. All I wanted was for her to fuck me.  At this point Kay is reaching her hand down to my wet pussy. She is now rubbing my clit and she then started to kiss her way down my body.  She started licking my clit and fingering my wet pussy. 

Kay was so good at licking my clit. It was only a matter of minutes before I came. My husband must have enjoyed it too because I looked up to see Kay jacking him off to get him hard again. 

I wanted to lick Kay's pussy so bad. I sat up and switched positions. We were now 69ing. I started licking it and fingering her wet pussy, and she started licking and fingering my wet pussy. I could tell my husband excited her the way her pussy was throbbing. She liked being fingered. She liked it a lot. 

After a few minutes, Kay reached her hand down inbetween her legs and shoved my whole hand in her pussy; I was fisting her. I had never fisted someone before. It was an amazing experience. My whole hand was surrounded by her tight, warm, wet pussy. It was so hot I came again. 

My husband realized what was going on and you could see his excitement. Kay told him, "Fuck my ass." Fuck her ass he did. I could feel his dick in her ass on my hand in her pussy. 

We were all excited at this point. There was so much moaning going on it made my pussy wetter. The feeling of her pussy around my hand and her clit in my mouth, my husband's dick in her ass, and her fingers in my pussy and mouth on my clit. We all came almost at the same time.

We all got up, got dressed, and walked Kay to her truck. The goodbye was hard for all of us. We all had an amazing sexual experience that would probably never happen again. My husband and I took turns kissing her goodbye, and then she climbed in her truck and drove off. She has not been heard from since, but has been thought of often.

This story is true. These events really happened. The names have been changed for privacy. 



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