Real Life #1

4 years ago

**Warning this content is not be suitable for people under the age 18. **

It's about 10 pm on a Sunday night and there is a knock on the door.

"Who is it?' My husband asked.I look out the peephole. It is the girl I had been texting, sexting, and secretly wanting for over a week now.

"It's Kay," I replied. My husband stood up eagerly. He had been hoping she'd stop by, like I told him she would. I had shown him pictures of Kay, and asked him if he to have a 3some with her. Of course he did, she was gorgous. She stands about 5' 10," shoulder length blonde hair, beautiful brown eyes, she was a nice C-cup, and had nice booty to match. Who wouldn't want to do her?!

He walks to the door and opens it. She smiles and says, "Hi." He welcomes he by kissing her. No hello back just a nice hello kiss. She walks into the house and wraps her arms around me and kisses me. It was a sexy kiss: she ran her hands up my back into my hair and frenched kissed me so sweetly. 

We then went into the kitchen to have a drink, so we could get to know one another a little before we "did the deed."

She was a nice girl, very friendly, smart, and funny. She and my husband got along rather well. They were talking and flirting; it made me happy to see they got along. At first, I thought maybe she was a little more interested in him than me. 

My husband left the room for a minute. This is apparently when Kay decided it was time to make her move. I was sitting on the counter, and she walked right up to me pushed my leggs apart (so she could stand between them), and she grabbed my head and started making out with me. She pulled me into her and kissed me so passionately. I could tell she definately wanted me over my husband. At this point I couldn't even believe I even considered she wanted my husband more than me. I could feel the raw passion in her kiss she wanted to be with a woman; she wanted to be with me. 

I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. She was so hot, and I was so into this.

All of the sudden it dawned on me that I was married. Instantly I panicked, and pulled myself away from her. I looked up to see him husband standing in the kitchen just gawking at us. I could tell by the buldge in his pants I was not in trouble, but I did need to get him taken care of before he broke his zipper. 


To Be Continued...

Names have been changed for privacy reasons. The events in this story are real, and the people in this story are real; This really happend. 



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