Random Sex Question: What is up with the squat position?

9 years ago

There's some good things about blogging while single, and the big one is that you can ask a question like this without anyone wondering or assuming anything or feeling like TMI about the person you are currently dating. TMI about me? Well, surely we've been there before. So.

This sexual position where the woman squats over the man, feet flat - commonly called "squat position," but sometimes charmingly referred to as "frog position" - I'd never heard of or experienced that before moving to L.A.

It's like when Jurassic Park came out and suddenly there were Raptors, while when I was in school learning about dinosaurs it was all T-Rex and Triceratops and Brontosaurus. No Raptors.

No Squat Position.

Here, I found a description on eHow. Really. Check it out (nsfw): How to Perform the Squat Sexual Position. They offer this advice: "If the woman doesn’t have a lot of leg strength, she may want to hold on to a bed rail or something else for support, using her legs and hips to bounce and thrust while supporting and steadying herself." Yeah; Noticed That.

I find it a kinda weird, uncomfortable, unsatisfying way to have sex. Heck, it's more like a thigh workout. I can't keep it up that long, which makes me feel inadequate. And I hate how it makes me really conscious of my belly - because I'm not usually self-conscious like that, but it kinda rolls up and sticks out and I just feel really unattractive. Most important, I hate how it minimizes skin contact - You can't kiss and you're feeling the bare minimum of each other's bodies.

I get that the guy can do a lot with his hands, but if you get someone who thinks the clitoris is a light switch or doesn't read subtle clues like when you physically move his hands, it's just not a good scene.

And honestly, it makes me think about going to the bathroom in the woods. I always wonder if it's kinda derogatory, which immediately makes me wonder if it's a porn thing. Or, at least, suddenly popular thanks to porn? I've got next to no porn experience, so I may be way off on this, but talk about a position that many average women are never going to work or "enjoy" like a porn star.

Now, while I've been pretty negative about the squat position, I'm still up for if it's a fav. As cuntrymatters says in her post (nsfw) A little interlude regarding my tastes....: "Of course, a least favorite sexual position is much like a least favorite wine - I might not chose it, but if it's in front of me (so to speak), I'll take it."

I took a random poll of five female friends tonight, and I'd say roughly three felt fairly positive about the position, while two were more with me. So clearly, then, some women are into it.

Me, not so much.

How say you?


Linky goodness (nsfw, obvi):

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5 Pleasure-Maxing Positions - From Cosmo, they call it "The Lusty Leapfrog." Of course they do.

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