Playing hard to get...More like a game of tug o' war.

3 years ago

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I was watching my all time favorite Tv Show sunday afternoon. My Sunday Funday consisted of laying around in bed, contemplating my life, my love life, my dating life and what better of a show to drown my thoughts into, than Sex and the City.  I had been watching this show for years...I mean years. I even have the whole collection on Dvds (told you it was my fav show). But as I was watching one of the epidosdes, I heard a quote and it got me thinking...


Ever heard of the statement, "Play hard to get." ? You know, when you fellas aren't suppose to call for the infamous 3 days to get the girl you went out on a date with wondering why you hadnt called.? Or Were you  even going to call?  And the women who are suppose to bat you eyelashes to get his attention but never accept a dinner date because you have "other plans." Really ladies, what other plans do we mostly have other than washing our hair that night.? These types of "playing hard to get" are harmless for the most part.   But what about the kinds that mess with the heart. The deteriment that can cause and honestly it usually does.

I have been in the type relationship that has pulled me one way, and pulled me another. Made me feel like I was the most special person in the world, and then when times got hard I was 10 plus names in the book- "special" not being one of them. More like a couple 4 or 5 letter words.  I am sure you can figure out those. This type of playing hard to get is like a game of tug o' war. One or the other person goes back and forth with what they want or back and forth with your own emotions. One day you feel good enough, the other not good enough at all.  How is that being fair to that person? 

The heart is a very tender thing. It is filled with emotions and feelings that can be the most amazing thing in the world. Or in an instance can be broken and shattered.  It isnt something to play with. 

I truly believe if you want to call him, just call. Why does there have to be rules with calling someone you like. Women are told to never call the man-its 2014. Get real ya'll!. Or If you love her, dont be afreaid to say it- yea it might be a moment while you both are laying on the bed watching tv and those words just slip out. Who cares!!  Not telling her how you feel is even worse than letting it all go in that moment.  Dont let the other one assume how you feel.  OR even worse,  go back and forth with their feelings. Break his/her heart and it can be a fragile thing to ever get back again. 





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