The Perks of Being Sick

5 years ago

An upper respiratory infection and an ear infection have kept me home from work every day this week. It's been, quite frankly, miserable. When my ears weren't hurting, they were plugged up. When I wasn't coughing, my throat was hurting. And the congestion in my head and nose has remained a fair constant.

I'm gearing up for NaBloPoMo on my own blog, and in the spirit of that, I'm thinking on the theme of love and sex for February.

In the interest of protecting the innocent, my boyfriend goes by Fernando on my blog and here as well, now.Today he surprised me in yet another of those ways he's so good at: coming over and serving up an impromptu fast food lunch before deciding we'd been apart too long.

The thing about it is that we both live apart. We live at home with our respective parents for now, and in an age where it's more and more common to live with your significant other, we've decided to stay at our homes until we're ready to be married and move in together. So while we see each other as much as we can, sometimes it doesn't feel like enough, especially on days like today, when I've been sick and he's been working all week.

He showed up, and when he suggested we needed a few minutes to spend together, I objected. I'm sick, I'm not well, I'm weak, I'm--oh, stuff it. I'm making excuses for no good reason. Of course I want to be together with him, I want to kiss and hold and cuddle with him. I want him to sit down and watch an episode or two of Doctor Who or Downton Abbey with me right now and skip work.

But that's the thing. He has to go back to work. At this point in less than 30 minutes. So I hem and haw, and Fernando gets that glint in his eye that means I'm in trouble. And being the chaste and proper young woman I am (or close enough to it), I decide it's time to get up from the kitchen table and run away.

That goes over ever so well with him. Especially when he catches me. Of course, all's well that ends well... especially when it ends with a series of passionate kisses the way only Fernando can give them.

Oh, the perks of being sick. Having Fernando in my life has certainly changed a lot of things, including how I handle being sick. And that is how I'm preparing for NaBloPoMo: by enjoying the perks of being sick with Fernando by my side.

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