Parisian Picnic Date Idea – Ooh la la

5 years ago

Paris, France – the most romantic city in the world. Known for it’s culture, cuisine, history and wine, Paris also has gorgeous gardens located throughout the city. Whether its the Jardin du Luxembourg, the Tuileries, or Champ de Mars overlooking the Eiffel Tower, amid the bustling city lie these lush green spaces that are visited by tourists and Parisians alike. Perfect for strolling, people watching or a quiet picnic, this week’s date idea is inspired by the Paris gardens and the people who frequent them.

On a recent trip to Paris (we consider ourselves very lucky) we found ourselves needing a break from sightseeing and stopped off to rest just before lunch hour in the Jardin du Luxembourg. To our surprise, shortly after we arrived the park became incredibly busy with people enjoying lunch and taking in the sunshine. We were inspired to do the same and after a quick stop for a baguette with cheese and a bottle of wine, we instantly fell in love with the Parisian picnic.

Statues and monuments can be found throughout the verdant gardens

As you can see, this date idea is quite popular here!

Paris, Je t’aime!

After returning home and heading back to work, we wanted to re-create our picnic date as a nice break from the work day. Once again we grabbed a baguette and some cheese – skipping the wine :( – and met at a local park for lunch. It wasn’t the Eiffel Tower, but being able to enjoy a sunny day, a busy park and the lakefront was a very acceptable substitute. It helped to break up the day and even though we won’t be able to go back to Paris anytime soon, it brought back fond memories of our vacation.

If you’ve got sunshine, fresh bread and an hour for lunch, why not plan your own Parisian picnic date?

Pro Tips:

  • Parisian’s love their bread with cheese – and for good reason. Get a fresh baguette and some brie and you’re set.
  • North American liquor laws are not as relaxed as France’s but instead of wine you can grab sparkling fruit juice to add a certain ‘je ne sais qoui?’
  • No beret’s allowed! Seriously.


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