Our Vegas Wedding Experience

6 years ago

I was asked yesterday in my comments if I could post my experience with getting married in Las Vegas, Nevada and I thought that would be a great idea. So here it goes!

Bellagio Gardens

Las Vegas wasn't our first choice when it came to location of our wedding. We felt overwhelmed with the planning and didn't know where to start. One day after stressing for hours we randomly joked "Screw this, we should just get married in Vegas!" then we just stopped and looked at each other and thought, "That isn't a bad idea!". Deciding where to get married in Vegas was super easy. We went to The Bellagio on our 4 year anniversary and fell in love with the hotels so we knew that would be the best place to get married at. From that point on we started to plan!

The first step was checking on their wedding page and decided to email a wedding coordinator. We originally started planning with one coordinator and she was very helpful in her e-mail explaining how the process works. Basically there is certain packages you can get and it includes the chapel, officiant, wedding certificate, flowers, photography, etc, depending on the package you get. This is great for people who want to use one resource for their venue and not deal with multiple vendors. Since we were paying for our wedding ourselves we wanted to do it the easiest and most economically way for us. So we went with the Deluxe Package. We thought it would be better to meet with the wedding coordinator and see the chapels in person so we booked a trip to Vegas!

We took our trip to Vegas to check out the chapels and meeting with the coordinator a year before our wedding date which was set to July 14th, 2010 which also happened to be our 7 year anniversary. When we met with the wedding coordinator the original one we dealt with happened to not be available even though we set a meeting. We were put off at first by this but we ended up meeting a great coordinator named Patty. We also had a meeting with the banquet coordinator but after looking at options with her, it looked like having the reception there was way out of our budget. We went back and talked to the wedding coordinator about this and she recommend us to do the reception in one of their suites. She showed us pictures of others who did this and it looked like the perfect option for us! We knew we were going to have around 40-50 people at our reception and the Executive Hospitality Suite was perfect for that.

Dining Area Living Area The Bar

That is when we met Susan Tran. She is amazing and I can't thank her enough. She is the manager of In Room Dining and went above and beyond for us. We found out that we could have a buffet in the room with servers and everything. Basically the same thing that we would want in the banquet halls but we would not be limited to the time we could be there (since we would have the room all night) and the price was a lot cheaper. We returned to Vegas in March 2010 and she created a tasting for us. The professionalism and presentation were outstanding. We were for sure impressed and knew we made the right decision. We decided on fajitas for the meal (since everyone loves fajitas!) and for our cake we did the top-tier chocolate sponge cake with crème brulee and the bottom tier vanilla sponge with the strawberry cream. Everything tasted amazing and we were so excited for our wedding date!

Check out our YouTube Video if us driving into Vegas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_sLPbP5qoo

We arrived in Vegas a few days before our Wedding Date and met again with Susan to go over everything and give her the wedding topper. We literally hardly had any stress about the ceremony and reception because of the staff at The Bellagio, they seriously rocked and answered all our questions so we felt secure. Doing the reception in one of their suites worked out perfectly because it was very intimate but had plenty of room for everyone to party. Thought I would share some pictures since sometimes that is better to understand than hearing me jabber on about it ha ha.

Dinner at The Bellagio Buffet

We all had dinner the night before the wedding at The Bellagio Buffet which was perfect for all of us. Everyone could get what they wanted and they were able to fit us all in. Just a pre-warning, for big parties they tackle on a 15% gratuity fee on top of the buffet price.

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the cake! I sent in what I wanted via email and they did a mock-up for us when we went in March to do a tasting. The cake was amazing!

Wedding Topper

The back of the wedding topper. I thought this was pretty hilarious and had to but it when I saw it.

Dancing in the Suite

As you can see we had plenty of room to dance! Hopefully I won't get an angry messages for posting this pictures ha ha.

Kissing in front of Paris

Our photographer was really cool and really helped us out with the locations and poses. We took pictures all around the hotel and outside. Since we hot married in the summer is was pretty hot but being from Tucson, we had experience with that!

Closeup of Rings

With our package, it included a certain amount of prints and then we could order more if we wanted to. They also edited some of the pictures and we had the choice to choose those or the unedited ones. We were able to get the pictures the next day.


  • If you want to save money I recommend having your wedding on a weekday, the price differences between having an event on a weekday vs. weekend is huge.
  • Tell your coordinators your budget and they usually work out a deal with you.
  • Don't worry what other people think. If you want to throw a huge wedding because you are worried what others may think, but if you don't have a budget for it then don't do it! This is your day and do it your way.
  • Don't feel pressured by anyone to buy something you think is unnecessary. Our experience it was the photography people who pressured the most and prices were outrageous for prints. Get what you need and you can always scan the photos and order more prints that way for 1/8th the price.

If you have questions about getting married in Vegas and our experience, please post in the comments and I will answer you in this post. I for sure recommend this for people who want an easy and fun wedding. Everyone had a great time and attending our wedding was also a fun vacation for them. We honestly wouldn't have changed anything.

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