Our Quaint Attic

3 years ago

Praise God for an answer to prayer!Lease Davie and Danielle

This month I shared with you some of the things Davie and I are praying about, click here is you missed it. One of the things on that prayer list was for apartment shopping. Looking for an apartment has been the most stressful part of wedding planning, for me, so far.
I want to share with you all, a story about how we saw God working in throughout our apartment shopping adventures...
I thought Davie and I had a similar taste in style, until we started apartment shopping. I loved the old houses with crown molding and stained glass windows even though the doors didn't close all the way and the floors creaked. Davie on the other hand, loved the modern look with all new shiny appliances, but I thought they were cold feeling. Every one he said he loved, I hated and everyone I loved, he hated. 
We talked to our pastor about it and he said, "when you know you know", you will both have a feeling of agreement. My mom reiterated his point. But I just couldn't see compromising in something I had to live in for at least a year (I am a pretty stubborn person, and so is he :)).
So, I packed last Saturday with 7 different viewings of homes. The first 2 homes were nice but it didn't feel at right. The third home though, I started to feel it. The apartment had big bay windows, hardwood floors, stained glass windows, and it met all of our needs. But for some reason I had a feeling in my spirit that was telling me, "no, this isn't it", but I ignored it. I started giving my info to have background checks done and all that good stuff. 
Before we left I said I wanted to check out the bedroom one more time. All of a sudden, the tenant from upstairs comes running down and banged on our door. The manager opened the door and the tenant started yelling about how under her sink was FILLED with cockroaches! (I still get itchy thinking about it!) Davie and I thanked the broker for showing us the house and got out as quickly as possible. 
God was trying to speak to us through that still small voice in my spirit, but because I didn't listen he sent cockroaches. That got us listening.
I was upset and feeling deflated because I thought I had found the one and God was just crushing my dreams. We saw 2 other houses after that and I hated them both. As we were driving to the next house Davie all of a sudden busted out with, "this is the apartment we are getting," I looked over at him puzzled and said, "what the heck are you talking about?" He explained he just had a deja vu moment and he remembered that we got this second the last apartment. 
The second to last apartment was a risk. I didn't have any information about it, it hadn't even been listed yet. We didn't have pictures or, pricing, and I only received the address the day before. We was just going because a woman said thinks we would like it.
We pulled up to the house, and on the outside it didn't look very promising, I was getting nervous. When the woman got there, she brought us up 3 flights of stairs to the attic. She knocked on this beautiful wooden door with a glass knob, and when the door opened we saw a beautiful natural light filled attic. As we walked around my heart was beating fast and my belly was full of butterflies. “This is it,” I thought, “this is the one!” We sat down at the dining room table and we discussed prices and utilities, then the woman said, they only consider offers that show they are serious with a deposit and I blurted out without thinking, “I can give you a check right now!” Then I looked over at Davie to see his reaction because we hadn't discussed it yet and he just smiled back at me because we both thought of what Pastor and my mom said, “when you know you know.”
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