OH YES I Remember it WELL

4 years ago

The party we had during the weekend was off the chain.  When I say off the chain, I mean dragging down on the ground, laughing and wondering what the heck was going on. At this party, all of us were there.  It was something that dear sweet Magnolia had set up.

See what had happened was…

 Magnolia called all of us together to come out to her place for a quick party. One of her friends showed up at her house with a few of her friends and all were looking for a few good toys to play with and to be played with.

 I, of course was the last to show up. 

 “There she is!” a lady cried out. “It’s is about time.”

 I was wondering what the hell she was talking about. All eyes were on me and the bag I was bringing in.

 After a few almost fights over items we had plenty of, I had a chance to sit down and talk about the bags in my trunk.  I told them about  Kenny- My eight grade crush.

 Two condoms

A pair of panties

Cock ring


Tooth brush and paste

Wash cloth and towel, deodorant

Quick dress (something that goes with everything)


Basic make up

 Kenny and I grew up together.  You can say he lived a few blocks over, but his grandmother, stayed on our street.  She was mean as a dying rat with one wish to bit a cat. Kenny moved away to college when his mother remarried and he came back a few days ago. That was well into twenty years ago.  Don’t worry his grandmother still lives on, in fact that is where we met this time.

 He was cleaning out the gutters when I walked by this morning.  He gave off a deep voice “Hello there.”

 It took a while for me to go through my memory to see how his face looked so long ago.

 “Kenny!” I shouted, watching him slide down the latter like a professional male stripper.  What! You wanted me to say fireman, please. With a body he was packing I would rather see him take it off than put it on.

 “I was just looking at some old pictures of all my birthday parties.” He said clapping his big hands together to get the leaves off of his work gloves. The tight blue shirt he wore exposed the six pack he had hidden under there.  I even saw the bugle in shift from side to side. Yes, I looked. I had never seen a man my age with a body so tight.  Listen to me, when I say tight and my age they don’t go together. Movie stars are built this way. I knew that was one gene he got from his father.  All the women on the block were after him, some of the mothers and daughters at the same time, but that’s another story.

 “If you don’t have anything to do, why don’t you come on in and see.”

 It was late in the afternoon and I really wanted to go home and crawl into my bed.

 “We can sneak a few of my grandmother’s beers like we did when we where younger.” Thinking back on it, Kenny was fun to play with.

 “OK. Just one beer.”

 Kenny had placed his grandmother to bed with her own little night cap and we looked over picture after picture.  Kenny’s hand first started around my waist and he played that old man card of leaning into me as I looked over the pictures.  Then came the rubbing of my back with the complements.

 “Do you want to fuck.” He asked.   It was not the first time I have heard him ask nor was it the first time I said “Yes, make sure the old lady is asleep.”

 It was high school all over again on that poor old couch.  He leaned my back upon the arm of that lime green flowered bulge of wire, wood and cotton. I felt his hands and his ips touch me in the way only he knew how. After all the men I have known only he can touch me the way he does that leaves me feeling like was a princess.

 He undressed me with the softness and care of a lover should.  Making sure that I did not feel offended or ashamed for the act we were doing, he kept my mind focus on his actions. 

He molded my breast between his fingers as if they were clay and it was his duty to make the perfect.

 He inhaled my scent and held his breath, as if his mind was taking him back all those years. Exhaling he smiled, he remembered me.

His hands darted around my stomach, and then behind my back causing it to arch upward just the way he wanted it to. He placed one of the throw pillows behind me and then a few more under my hips.

 “I missed you.” His voice murmured between my legs. My body twitched with joy each time he rubbed his whiskers against my thigh. “Wider.” His voice entered into my ear and I obeyed. His big hands took hold of the back of my knees as my fingers dug deeper into the biceps in his arms.


“You better not come. I’m not done with you yet.”

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