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5 years ago

As I edge closer and closer to my late 20's (27 is still "mid", right?), my heart edges farther and farther away from Boston. I've put in five years here, lived in four apartments, cried endlessly throughout two failed relationships, and held down two steady jobs. I'd say I'm an overall very happy person, but not satisfied when analyzing these post-college statistics.

I'm starting to see my friends finally find pleasure in great jobs they're landing. Some are making moves out of Boston. Many are taking next steps with significant others. Essentially, all are moving onward and upward in their own rights. After running through peaks and valleys these past five years, I’m now flat-lining. While some would say “stability is a good thing,” I say, it's time to really shake things up, break away, and move on up, too.

I just don't see that happening here in Boston at the moment. And at this point, what do I have to lose? Probably a little more money than I'm used to, definitely a lot of sleep, and maybe sprinkle some dignity on top of that mix. But it's a small risk to take when I can gain so much more.

I visited a fella this past weekend who made the big move to New York over the summer. We’ll call him Young MacD. Prior to making the move, Young MacD was in a similar place as I am now – RESTLESS. He too grew up in Massachusetts, went to college in Massachusetts, and moved into Boston post-college. In other words, he'd been on the path to being a Masshole for life. Though I still consider Young MacD one (it’s in our blood), he managed to get out.

It seems like it was the best thing he ever did for himself. I didn’t know him well whatsoever before he made the move, but I can say I like the person he is now… very much… crap. He has gained a lot in the past five or so months since taking the risk and moving to New York - satisfaction.

I am not 100% sure that same move would be the right thing for me to do. But I am 100% sure that twiddling my thumbs in Boston, waiting for the perfect job, guy, and apartment to fall into my lap is not the right thing for me to be doing any longer. It’s about damn time I explore options elsewhere. It just so happens that the most ideal spot for me (aside from a tropical paradise where work doesn’t exist, and a diet of pizza and wine makes you skinny) happens to be New York at the moment. 

I always thought I’d end up there and/or California at some point in my life. Though I have a few amazing friends out West, and fell in love with the South Bay area several years ago, I think I just love my family and buddies here far too much to put a six-hour flight in between us (which is a good problem to have). So that leaves me with New York, New York.

I'll admit, I haven’t the slightest clue as to how to hunt for a job. Sadly, I still haven’t the slightest clue on what I want to be when I grow up, either. I'll start with scouring my wonderful company's job site for openings in our New York offices. I also am well-aware that every job opportunity that has come my way over the years has been through connections. That will be Step Two in my journey if Phase One fails. While all my friends are doing gross and couple-ish things on date nights over this cold winter, I’ll keep myself busy and warm harassing my New York contacts.

I plan to keep all my options open, but I can truly say after this past weekend that New York is "where I want to be." The energy, eccentricity, and the vastness excites me. Where else can you experience a free stroll through a beautiful park, and within the first half-hour witness some wild and daring acrobatics, talented musical acts, crazy skate tricks, and homeless folks conducting a full-blown dance party? Where else can you go out to eat at a different restaurant every single night for 50 some-odd years and never have to go to the same place twice? That alone is enough of a draw (kidding, kinda).

I know New York would pose some challenges, but what place doesn't? I also know that it may not be easy for me to even find a job given my uncertainty over a career choice. Fortunately, I consider myself just patient enough, but also just impulsive enough to make a decision hopefully in the near future that I won't regret.

So on that note, know anyone hiring?

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