Notes from an Aging Single Girl

2 years ago

The first time I experienced the sixties I was a lot younger.   Truthfully, I’m having more fun in MY sixties than I did in THE sixties.  I worry less and appreciate more, but after 14 years, I’ve had enough of being single.  Life is too awesome to not share with someone special!

I live in a small town with lots of great men – even some evolving, Spiritual, goddess-honoring men.  Sadly, they seem to be already coupled with a fabulous woman.  We also have an abundance of old conservative Republicans, old beer-drinking bikers, and old pot- smoking hippies.  Don’t get me wrong – I love everybody, I really do. I just can’t be around the beer drinking, pot smoking and closed-mindedness anymore. 


Image: Chris Waits via Flickr


What I'm left with are limited options, being an aging single girl.  I’ve asked friends to keep me in mind for their single guy friends if they see possibility there, which has resulted in zero dates in four years.  I’ve participated in a year-long relationship Mastery program with awesome teachers (Sonika & Christian at Love Works For You), and I met a handful of interesting men there to whom I gave my number and let them know I was interested.  Result: Zero phone calls.  

I’m no movie star, but my friends say I’m beautiful and awesome and most of the time I know that’s true.  I’m a great catch!  So… maybe I’m not ready yet?  I'm pretty sure I am.  Maybe my guy isn’t ready or hasn’t shown up yet. Maybe he’s like Dustin Hoffman, who admitted in an interview that he realized he had passed up countless interesting women because he was brainwashed to only notice physical beauty.  Maybe my guy can’t see me because he thinks he is looking for someone else!

Then there’s internet dating, where I mostly find older guys looking for an “equal” who is 10 years younger and considerably more attractive than they are.  (Seriously?!)  Even when there’s been enough interest to start a conversation, it has not proved sustainable.  Perhaps I reveal too much.  Then again, perhaps I AM too much for most guys!  Who knows?

The good news is that I don’t need  “most guys” to notice me or find me to be awesome and attractive.  I only need one really quality man, and I know he’s on his way.  If you see him, tell him to hurry.  I’m a patient, loving, compassionate woman, but this is getting ridiculous!


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