Not Getting His Attention? You're in Luck, it's a Simple Fix!

Lately we've been receiving tons of questions about how to get noticed by the opposite sex...though there isn't necessarily a science to it, there are in fact are very specific characteristics that "dateable" women possess that "undateble" women don't. First, we can't proceed unless one thing is clear - getting a man's attention has nothing to do with being a gorgeous supermodel. Nothing. We all on the same page? Ok, good....

If you're having a hard time nailing down a date with the opposite sex it's simply because your not stimulating them one way or another - be it physically, mentality or spiritually. That's it. That's the answer to the quiz.

The good news ladies, is that the problem is fixable! Here are a few things to consider when trying to catch the eye of any guy:

  • Don't be shy, meek, timid, average or a Plain Jane. In a word, don't be boring! Pay close attention to the girl in the room that gets the most interest - she's always vibrant, exudes confidence and seemingly is having a great time. Don't go overboard as to appear disingenuous, but make an effort to smile and work the room. Men are attracted to self confidence, which in turn reads a sexy. 
  • Look at him for Godsake! Literally, if you like a guy give him "the look." Catch his eye just long enough to show him you're interested (but look away coyly before you appear creepy). This tells him you're open to advancements...sometimes they just need a nudge.
  • Get an A for effort, and style and hair.... nails, etc. You don't have to be conventionally "hot" to get a man's attention, but you sure as hell need to be visually pleasing and make an effort (we women would expect the very same out of them). If you're on the market, make sure you take care of your body, dress well, get your hair done, whiten your teeth and put on perfume. It goes a loonnnngggg way.
  • Approach him! Want his attention? Go get it! There is no shame in approaching a man, but be sure to read the signals and if he's blowing you off know when to walk away.
  • Be you own wing women. Sometimes what's most appealing is that you're the polar opposite of the drunk, loud and crazy girl at the bar. If the guy you've been eyeing all night seems annoyed by the crazy girl, spark a connection by being the "anti-her."
  • Play with the boys. If you love football, play poker, surf, or play video games then don't be afraid to bring it up in conversation. At the end of the day, a guy just wants to marry his best friend. The more things you have in common the better!
  • Engage in stimulating banter, conversation or verbal "foreplay." Having witty, interesting or clever conversation will always get you a date (assuming he's not an idiot). There's nothing sexier then cool girls with spark-plug personalities and loads of charm.
  • Be unique. Look. We're from the land of spray tans, fake boobs and tons of blonde (God bless California girls) but looking, dressing and acting like everyone else doesn't help your dating odds. Don't put yourself in direct competition with someone who might be a 10 to your 8 - level the playing field by being the most unique and interesting version of yourself.

Good luck ladies!


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