Naturally Flirtatious on my "Regular" Job!

4 years ago

Although I try to be as professional as humanly possible on any "regular" 9-5 job that I have, it’s obvious that I have a very flirtatious nature when it comes to men, especially older men, and they EAT-ME –UP!! See these are the perks of having been intimately linked professionally with men for damn near 15 years; I’m comfortable around them no matter where I am or what I’m doing. 

For instance, I had a patient yesterday who was having trouble getting his contact lenses in and out; an older white man in his mid to late 60’s and going gaga over my black ass. I kept seeing him stare at me, and for a brief moment there I thought he recognized me from escorting and I immediately got paranoid, but luckily that wasn’t the case. I effortlessly made my way over to him to ask if he needed my help, and with this eager tone he said; “Oh God Yes….PLEASE”. I then excused myself to go wash my hands so that I could help him.

Not even 5 minutes after sitting down he comments about how attractive I am, and luckily I had gotten my hair done and eyebrows waxed the day before and I must admit I was looking pretty damn good. And the more comfortable he became with me the closer he stood next to me as we were talking. He was standing so close to me at one point that one of the Optometrists came over to see what we were talking about. Usually the Doctors in that office have limited conversation with us Techs, especially me because I’m new to that office. 

But over the past few weeks I’ve been having patients request and compliment me, which makes the doctors more curious about me. This extra attention from men can be a double edge sword for me. On one hand it can make me look like an extraordinary employee, and on the other hand it can make me look like an attention whore, or just a whore. And God knows I don’t want a reputation of being a whore in the eyes of my co-workers.

But the truth is I AM a whore, I’m a Chameleon whore who can adapt effortlessly into any surroundings that I choose. But I have to be careful about the amount of flirtatious exchanges between me and patients, and it sucks not being able to be my loving carefree self with men who show me attention. But there’s a time and place for everything, and apparently that job is not the place to be giving men the GFE- Girl Friend Experience!


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