Nag Diaries 76.9 - Marriage Rocks

5 years ago

Real, Real Talk

Disclaimer:  Some of these situations are true, some of them are not but these are the thoughts of a woman trying to please her husband and hoping to get pleased herself.  

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I have been there many times.  Hubby comes home - in the mood.  You oblige him.  

It is going spectacular.

He finishes well before you.  Your excitement deflates as he apologizes.  Are you mad he asks.  Nope, you lie.  He asks you to look at him as you burn a hole in the wall from the darts shooting from your eyes.  You look at him, small smile.  You lie and say you are not mad.

But inside you are cursing, rolling your eyes and sighing in unsatisfied sexual frustration.

He apologizes again, it wasn't his fault.  He was REALLY horny.

Hey, I wasn't horny to begin with.  I was sleep and got that tap tap, shoulder roll over signal.

He tries to make it up by asking if you want to cuddle because he knows this makes you really happy.  You oblige because saying what is on your mind is out of the question.

A heavy arm is thrown across your waist as you rest on your belly. A chin rests on the back of your shoulder.  Breathing gets heavy and you realize in less than 15 freaking seconds that.........this *&!#@#! man is SLEEP.

You turn your head to the left to peek at him.  He is even snoring.  Then silently, you turn back to stare at the wall.

And he took both of the damn pillows.

*exasperated sound goes here*

Your thoughts turn to something else.  You could do it you know.  Just take care of it yourself.  It will be quick.  You know your body better than he does sometimes.

You go back and forth about the whole thing, because you really don't want to.  It's not really that satisfying because you would rather have the alternative - the real thing.

Yet, man - come on.  

Still fuming and semi-sleepy horny, your mind is made up.

You reach your hand down, careful not to wake him.  You snarl at yourself because you cant believe you are worried about waking him.

He moves his leg and slightly as his arm tightens around your waist.

That right hand creeps down. envelope stuck to your leg.

The moment has passed as you pull the envelope from under the covers.

The damn water bill.  

You open the water bill and see that the bill is lower this month.
Hmm, that's good.  You smile, see the pile of laundry still waiting.

You remove his arm from your waste.  He wakes.  You tell you him you have to go to the bathroom.  Jumping out of bed you realize, it's OK.  It's really not that big of a deal.

Besides, who is going to do the laundry?

The day must go on. 

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