My Recipes Is My Legacy to My Children

(Acts 3:6) “Silver and gold have I none.” I have no buried treasure for my children to find when I am gone, nothing hidden behind locked doors or chests, no jewels, no bags of money—simply no riches to speak of. And even though I am not a chef with a degree, my “culinary” training, if you will, was given to me at home. I learned as my mother learned, and her mother before her: a pinch here, a handful there, a spoonful, a cup’s worth. But God gave me talent for understanding how to cook—how to assemble and put flavors together. Therein lays my talents.

My children were normal picky eaters when they were young—and aren’t most of them? But over the passing years they’ve learned to eat a wide variety of foods, sampling dishes from different cultures, having been exposed to our home’s cooking and culinary outings. Basically, we cooked it and they ate it. And by obligating them to at least sample everything we prepared—to taste everything that was placed before them—over time, their palates developed, and they, slowly but surely, began to appreciate flavors in cuisine they never imagined testing and then liking!

Now all grown, they enjoy cooking, and have become real cooks in their own right. They have branched out even further and do experiment with creating new dishes of their own, with bolder flavors. They’ve actually become my rivals, my little homegrown chefs!

At the insistence of one of my daughters, who is now a writer, I have braved to leave my closeted cooking life at home and now share my recipes by publishing them on ( and here on BlogHer. This is where my children now go to find my recipes, and duplicate them, as well as alter them—like any self-respecting cook would do, after all.

I still have many more recipes to publish, family recipes that they do not want to be forgotten. So I still have lots of work ahead to do, many more recipes given to me by my mother, all from memory, still to be written and published (or forever lost): Tamales Salvadoreños, Pan Borracho, [pork stuffed] Chile Verde (not to be confused with Mexican Chile Verde). These are the treasures I leave my children. My recipes are their inheritance; and I leave it to them with all my love!

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