Is My Man Too Right to be Mr. Right?

4 years ago

Every woman has painted the picture of their dream man in their mind, and vowed to themselves that THIS MAN will be the man they spend the rest of their lives with. They have been perfectly crafted from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet. We as women will have their hair type, eyes, nose, teeth; down to the type of clothes they wear, they type of job they have, what kind of car they drive and how much money they need to have. It is always nice to have a foundation of what your dream man will be; but do women tend to become TOO specific on their "Mr. Right"?

To think that their is a perfect man is a little far-fetched in 2013. I like to refer to them as a "perfect compliment".  No man or woman is perfect, but I do believe that everyone has someone in this world that is perfect, for them.  Most times, women focus more on material and superficial qualities that they want in a man, and never take time to focus on the personality, their character, morals, values, etc. I would rather have a man who's body wasn't perfectly chiseled, but treated me like a queen; than to have a perfectly chiseled man, who treated me like I was not worth a minute of his time.

Women are very hard on men, and not willing to compromise on what they feel is "destined to be". This is usually how women end up with a man they realize they do not want, because they were too busy looking on the surface for what they wanted, instead of digging a little deeper. A man's socioeconomic status can not dictate how you choose your soul mate.  A soul mate is someone that pierces you deeper than the surface, they penetrate your heart and make you feel a way you have never felt before. The women who tend to forget this, often wind of with someone that is truly not the man they expected to be.

There are several good men in the world, in search of the same thing women want; someone that will love them unconditionally for an eternity. The only problem with this is, the perfect man that women want to find, is usually right under their nose, but they are so consumed with the superficial, that they don't notice the man that is perfect for them.

Hopefully, women will look past what they see only in their dreams, and search whole-heartedly for a man who is perfect for them, I think then, more women would stop talking about their aren't any "good men" out there.



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