My Husband Is Always Wrong And Yours Probably Is Too

a year ago
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There, I said it. What every woman is thinking, but only us "witches" will say. Our husbands, more often than not, are wrong. Do you disagree with my contention? While I do understand how there can be differing opinions on this, I hold steadfast to my belief that my husband, well, he can get it wrong a lot.

I often write about my husband, as you may have noticed. I have shared with you 10 Things I Hate About My Husband and how I would get it right If I Were A Husband, even though he can't.

How can he be so wrong all of the time? Can this really be the case? Yes, and yes.

Here, I will break it down for you --

My husband is wrong for thinking that he is lucky to have me. Truth be told, the luck remains to be all on my side. Thank goodness for whatever good karma I've earned and for random good fortune, because without it I would be missing out on a thrilling partnership.

My husband is wrong for thinking that I am beautiful, even when I am not. The fact is that I don't always exude beauty, at least not in my mindset, my attitude, my words, and my behavior. It is because of him and his unconditional admiration, love, and support that I am striving to be a more beautiful person -- on the inside and the outside.

My husband is wrong when he calls me Supermom. In our home, even the kids would agree that the real superhero...that’s Daddy.

My husband is wrong when he tells others what strength I have. You see, I like to flex my muscles and put forth a solid stable presence, but the truth is motherhood makes me weak; and I am often depleted of energy and a good attitude by the end of the day. The true "strong" one in our home is him -- for even in his depleted parent-state, he still finds the energy out of somewhere to try and build me up -- both directly to me and others.

You see I told you, I told you that my husband is always wrong. But do you know who else is wrong, way more often than she wants to admit? Me.

Oh, you knew that already? How did you know?

Sadly and unfortunately, when I'm wrong, I'm really wrong, but who would ever want to admit that...

But, do you want to know a good thing about strong marriages? People who are in them know how to compromise, and by compromise I of course mean that I will always admit when my husband is wrong, and he will always agree with me.

Isn't that how it’s supposed to go?

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