Mrs. Fix-It (Not)

3 years ago
My husband is really good at fixing things around the house. He's got all kinds of tools, screws, nails, nuts, and bolts. He can paint walls as well as any professional.
I recently tightened the screw in the toilet paper roll holder with an Allen wrench, and I was thoroughly impressed with myself.
My usual tool for repairs is blue painter's tape. My husband hates that I put it up all over the house, but he gets real quiet when I tell him, "Well, you're welcome to fix it 'properly' whenever you have time."
People have asked me why I don't use duct tape instead. I like the impermanence of painter's tape. It won't damage the wall at all, if and when we remove it. I once posted on Facebook that I can vow to spend the rest of my life with my husband, but I just can't commit to using duct tape.
We put blackout blinds in Kaylee's room, but there's a window in the door that needed to be covered as well. I got some blackout fabric and naturally, used blue painter's tape to secure it.
Blue tape around the window
I recently got a jogging stroller for Kaylee, and the handle had a rip in the foam. I do wonder a bit whether duct tape would be more appropriate since the stroller is outdoors all the time, but that's the beauty of painter's tape. I can try it first, and if I change my mind, I can easily remove it.
Blue tape on the stroller handle
In the last six-and-a-half years, the only other tool I've used regularly is a screwdriver, for all the horrible toys my kids get that require batteries. If I can get away with it, I just tell the kids I tried putting in new batteries, but the toy still didn't work, so it must be broken. Alas, there are still some toys that are only usable with batteries.
I know my husband cringes at seeing all the blue tape around the house, but I think it's worth it for me to feel empowered to fix things in whatever way I can rather than be dependent on someone else. It's also a bit of "flipping the bird" at my perfectionism. As much as it bothers my husband, I think it also reminds him of my quirkiness, which he must love to be able to tolerate it.
What unorthodox materials do you use to fix things around the house?

I confess that I giggled a lot writing this, especially writing, "tools, screws, and nuts."

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