A moment of weakness

3 years ago

Sorry!!! Sorry!!!

Without missing a push, he took hold of my breast.  The grin of agreement came to his face as he did as he was told with an added flick of his tongue.  It worked better on my nibbles than it did in my mouth. I felt it dance around, leaving a trail of saliva that slide down the side boob.

“Don’t stop!” I said.

Yes it was a shout and not one of those soft whispers in his ear. It was strange, but his motion was tender but firm, filling not rough, happy with joy. He was making love to me and that is when I remembered. During our friendship, Maz was a true friend, someone I loved.

“Doggie style?” I said. He rose up and out of me and placed his feet on the floor. He held out his hand and he helped me turn around.  With ease he was back upon the machines.

I placed my knees upon the lid of the washer. For just a split second I was glad Darkness didn’t have those front load washers or worst the small ones that you stack up and place in the closet.  There I was my hands on the dryer and my knees on the washer. I could feel his hands kneading and spreading my cheeks apart giving him more room for entry.   

I could barely keep my hands flat on the surface of the hot dryer top. It was becoming harder to enjoy what was going on behind me. I braced my hands on my lower thigh for a sense of relief. His hands shifted my hips and then my lower back. My eyes closed as I exhaled a deep breath through my mouth.  I felt him inside of me, felt his hands on my body and I thought I felt him knocking at my heart.

 “No ones home.”

One of his arms went under my breast as the other went on top and he pulled me back to his chest. I was enjoying myself and he was enjoying me.

The washer was slowly coming to a stop and by now I was slowly coming to an end. It was a thrilling ride that I wouldn’t mind riding again and again, but my time as well as my body was warring thin.

The sound of the buzzer from the dryer ran long and loud. I could tell from the movement upstairs that most of the people were gone and our time together was running short. My mouth dropped open as his tight arms around my chest pulled me down to his member with the rhythm of an R&B song from long ago.  My eye darted from one side of the room to the other as if I had to search out what was happing to me. A low moan bounced around the room, until I realized it had leaped out of my mouth. My hands took hold of his as I tried to peel them away from me.  I had never felt like this before.  You know how long I have been having sex?  I told you about most of them.

He stopped.

I could not move, breath or speak. The wetness between my legs began to drip down my thigh as my body became traumatized as my insides tighten and release, tighten and release and then tighten.

“Yeah!” He said releasing his own wetness and moans in to the world.

For a sweet moment we entwined not only our body, but our thoughts. We knew that this would not happen again. We knew that we could think of this day as a dream and from now on it didn’t happen.

We relaxed our bodies and took in air with laughter. Maz slide off the machines and held out his hand to help me down.

“Thank you.” I said letting my bare feet touch the floor.

“It is about time.” Darkness said standing at the door. 

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