A Message to an Old Friend

2 years ago
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justice BI have become very introverted as of the last few years. I have found that less and less, I enjoy the nonsense of others. I don't indulge or appreciate the judgments or criticism. I don't favor those who talk about other people as they know who they are internally. I don't engage with those who feel as though snap judgements and a snap forgiveness is ok. I cringe when I see someone who is telling an untruth and my heart breaks when someone DEMANDS from someone else. 

                                          I need to LET all of that GO.......

A friend of mine calls me a Warrior. I suppose, if I were to look back on my life, I would be considered a warrior. I have had to fight for everything that I have, I have had to live through pain, abuse and self loathing. I have grown to learn that in my life, there is little opinion that matters. In fact, I have grown to have a belief that if you don't have HATERS, you are clearly not doing a very good job at living as there will always be someone, somewhere who wants to challenge your resolve.

So, here I stand in my truth and I will make it very clear that we are not going to budge from our path. We are going to stand strong and true to our needs. There is only one person who is so deeply intimated by our strength and that person keeps doing everything in the world of manipulation, abusive and emotional abuse that can be done to TRY and thwart our "happi."breaking_bad___walter_white___fear___by_mangekyou_eyes-d5chr9y

Well, guess what? I will not allow, condone or acknowledge this behavior ANYMORE.

My daughter is currently attending art camp and she has been GLOWING with joy, peace and has even lost weight. She is pumped about her new school and she is pumped about being here. Why would I want to take that joy from her? As a mother, its not an option. My job has been and always will be to allow her to grow into who she is to be, to protect her and to love her.

So, onward we go.

Sword in hand, chin up and as we speak an Army of Angles stands with US.


Able and Willing to help us stand in our Path.


So, to that one person, please know that this is not something I would recommend continuing to fight. But if you choose this path, then know we are ready for you.

And so it is.

See, the HUMAN nature is independent of your thinking. 

Let me repeat. 

The HUMAN nature is INDEPENDANT of YOUR thinking. I am not

As stated above, my nature is and has nothing to do with you, them or  they. As much as some think that they have a magic wand to wave that will dispel some crazy dust and I am all of the sudden going to comply with a demand.



Chloe and I have hit the road and are 'divas' of reality.

of the HERE.

                                                                                   of the NOWhealing


And the one thing that we as a team have decided is that WE are self Employed OWNERs of OUR personal destiny. So, those or rather the ONE who feels compelled to try and derail our movement forward on this planet as citizens and lovers of LIFE, will be sadly mistaken as to the loss of TWO aMaZiNg people.  

So please continue to do what it is you DO best and

HIT us. 

Demean us. 

DENY us. 

Lie bout us. 

OR Me. 

Or HER. 

But know that in your every waking moment, we will be happi. We will love and be in JOY.

You could have LOVED.suffer optional

You could HAVE been there. 

So, as much as you try to continue to HURT us....

we are no longer looking at you.

Or caring about YOU

We are just letting you in, in a cold numb way and living our lives to the fullest when you are not around. 

We are very SAD for you. 

What a lonely life you are going to END. 

Is that why you are scared of us??

b087788fb4e5a1cac8ee1bae9849ad29Is that why you choose to HURT instead of LOVE or CARE

Is that why you lie? 

Please know this my old friend

The TRUTH will always come out and BITE you in the END. 

Tick TOCK goes that fucking Clock.

                                                                                               And guess what?

                                                                  Your time is UP.........


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